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Access all mini fridges in a farm house or cabin from its kitchen fridge. Default option also moves all mini fridges out of the map bounds during play to avoid cluttering the house (can be disabled).

Permissions and credits
Note of Warning
As before, I have not had the time to test this mod intensively.
It should run more stable since I've simplified a lot of things.
I have tested the basic functionality but not under many different conditions. 
If you are using this mod be aware that some bugs might appear.
I removed all the old issues since the code has been reworked from scratch almost.
I will try to fix at least more critical reported bugs that appear if I have the time.

Multiplayer has been tested simply on a local host.
I don't know the net code for Stardew Valley very much but I have tried to adjust for multiplayer in my implementation.

Here we are again with an update for the mod.
Its probably obvious for people who've been following this mod but I'm not much of a reliable modder.
I'll probably disappear again without warning but I will try to check in if any new issues are reported.
Currently I will not be looking into implementing feature suggestions or improvements.

The source code for this mod is on git.
Feel free to use it if anyone is interested in making their own fridge expansion mod.

Expanded Fridge on GitHub

Managing Mini Fridges
Access mini fridges through the kitchen fridge using inventory tabs. Simply place mini fridges in a farm house or cabin with a kitchen and they will be accessible from the kitchen fridge. The next day you will find your placed mini fridges moved away from your living space. They are placed in the first found free tiles within the house when the day ends so if the mod stops working you should still have your stuff. It should also work in multiplayer.

The mod should be compatible with most other mods that doesn't reinvent the fridges.
Other mods that access or slightly modifies fridges could result in some minor bugs.

  • SMAPI 3.3+
  • Stardew Valley 1.5+

In-Game Instructions:
  • Place mini fridges inside a farm house or cabin with a kitchen.
  • Open the kitchen fridge to access any mini fridges in the location.
  • Use inventory tabs, mouse scroll wheel or game-pad shoulder triggers to switch between inventory pages (mini fridges).
  • (Optional) All mini fridges are moved in and out of the map bounds when day has started/before ending (on by default).
  • (Optional) Edit the "config.json" file in the "ExpandedFridge" folder to set hotkeys or hide mini fridges option.
    (for keybindings and regarding the config file, see

Inventory Tabs Order:
The order of the tabs depend on the placement of the mini fridges in the location. They are sorted from the top left corner of the map in rows.

Tabs: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Mini Fridges in Location:
[1] [2] [  ] [3] [  ]
[  ] [4] [  ] [  ] [  ]
[  ] [  ] [  ] [  ] [  ]
[  ] [  ] [  ] [5] [  ]

Install Instructions:
  • Download and extract the "Expanded Fridge Files" zip file into a new folder.
  • Copy the "ExpandedFridge" folder from the new folder into your Stardew Valley mods folder.
  • Done!

Uninstall Instructions:
  • Go to your Stardew Valley mods folder.
  • Delete the "ExpandedFridge" folder.
  • Done!

Change log:
3.0.2 - Updated to SMAPI 3.3
 - Adjusted color picker ui in fridge tabs.
3.0.1 - Symmetry correction for arrow buttons.
 - Individual mutex calls for each mini fridge tab.
3.0.0 - Mini Fridge Update (rework of entire mod).
2.0.3 - Changed from day to save events in fridge manipulation. Hopefully solves problems with Save Anywhere.
2.0.2 - Added null check in mutex update and new button placement for remote fridge button.
2.0.1 - Added option to toggle remote button in the fridge upgrade menu.
2.0.0 - Complete rework of entire mod.

1.2.8 - Changed settings for choosing fridge version to SMAPI friendly.
1.2.7 - Updated SMAPI code and added shift + right-click to transfer half stack.
1.2.6 - Fixed bug on mac with new settings file not being read.
1.2.5 - Escape key can be used to close the fridge and new system for choosing fridge version.
1.2.4 - Extra, Added Extra Large Fridge version.
1.2.4 - Added simple support for navigating the menu with a controller.
1.2.3 - Added an option for a scrolling menu.
1.2.2 - Fixed bug where fridge would not work if it was empty.
1.2.1 - Clicking and opening/closing now has sounds.
1.2.0 - Reworked menu manipulation. Should be more stable and work better with Chests Anywhere.
1.1.0  - Right clicking now works.