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Its an effort of someone that isn't a modder to add crops from previous Harvest Moon games. Are you a modder and want to adopt the files to yourself?

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Hello. I downloaded Custom Crops and added Eemie's Melon and Pumpkin varieties. Then, I opened a folder of a custom crop to see what was inside. There were simple txt and png files, and this gave me an idea. I always wanted Turnip in Stardew Valley and so far I didn't find any mod that contains this crop. Then I got myself thinking: Maybe I could make a copy of some of those folders and alter the files inside, like a reskin. I searched for sprites of the 'Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town' game and started working. I edited the txt file, the sprites and tested it. AND WORKED! So now I'd like to share the results of my stubbornness. It's now converted to Json Assets thanks to the infectmeinjectme's heads up. Thanks. You're the real mvp.

I managed to make Turnip and Japanese Cabbage from HM:FoMT and Asparagus and Napa from Harvest Moon 2 GBC. Crops I found missing in Stardew Valley mods I downloaded. I tested it in greenhouse and it worked fine.

The crop sell prices are the same from their original games and the seeds are half the crop sell price. Their growth times and seasons are also the same of the original games. So if you want to raise Napa outside the greenhouse, you will need SpaceCore. The seeds appear in Pierre's and if you have Seed Catalogue, they will appear in it aswell once you ship at least 1 of the crop. Their Artisan products are also working perfectly (Juice/Pickles).

My idea is to add crops from Harvest Moon games that aren't in the vanilla game or in other mods. For example: Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town has the Eggplant and the Onion crops. Eggplant is already in the game and Onion is in Fruits and Veggies for Json Assets mod, so there is no need to them to be here.

Install instructions:

- Install SMAPI,
- Install Json Assets,
- Download this mod and extract the zipfile anywhere you want,
- Extract the folders in Stardew Valley/Mods/Json Assets/Content Packs,
- Done!

- Before removing the folders, go to your save file and get rid of any object the mods add, like seeds, harvested crops and crops in the fields.
- Remove the folder '[JA] Harvest Moon Crop Project' in Stardew Valley/Mods/Json Assets/Content Packs

It should work just well, since is a very simple mod.

If you experience some problem, I'll try to help, but I cannot promise anything, so I recommend to BACKUP YOUR SAVE FILE before installing it, so you can safely go back If something went wrong. Please be patient and

IMPORTANT MESSAGE IF YOU ARE A MODDER: Since I'm not a modder myself, I give free pass to any modder that wants to adopt the files to oneself and use, alter, rebalance, recolor anything as you wish. Just leave a message so I can accompany the progress of the work ;)

Thank you.