Stardew Valley
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  1. Theisgood1
    • member
    • 17 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Please update for 1.4. I don't see any tags saying this will work with 1.4 or does it. its just a bit old. Looks great :)
  2. Tiarajean
    • member
    • 39 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Is there a way to make this compatible with farm extended?
    1. starstruckstudios
      • member
      • 2 posts
      • 0 kudos
      I have the same problem, just need the secret entrance to be opened up again. I can go into the secret woods, but can't go back out.
  3. Makkusu7
    • member
    • 1 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Great mod! Works well on multiplayer 1.4.3 and is still compatible with deepwoods so long as the patch is used.
  4. MyCats101
    • member
    • 3 posts
    • 0 kudos
    It will not let me download all of the individual mods, which means the mod won't work. Is there any solution?
  5. QuarterExploding
    • member
    • 3 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Using Reset Terrain Features mod to reset the bushes is much easier than using Entoarox Framework.
  6. Queenofdragons6
    • member
    • 13 posts
    • 0 kudos
    SMAPI says there's an update available for this mod even though there isn't.
  7. livipup
    • member
    • 1,652 posts
    • 18 kudos
    Is this compatible with the Deep Woods mod? I assume not, but wanted to check
    1. Nephatrine
      • supporter
      • 340 posts
      • 19 kudos
      The DeepWoods mod has a section on the description for compatibility and lists the status of this mod and contains a patch for it.
  8. Oyember
    • member
    • 1 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Help, the bushreset does not work, what do I do?
    1. PurplePineapple2
      • member
      • 3 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Same issue.
  9. Lehcar
    • member
    • 2,296 posts
    • 22 kudos
    Since this is no longer listed under Recommended Mods on the SVE page, I am going to guess it is no longer compatible.
  10. Elkami83
    • member
    • 7 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Hello, it is possible to make it compatible with mods deep wood? Because when I have two installed, and I enter the deep wood, it is impossible to go out, thank you.