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Some retouched and overgrown replacements for the island farmhouse, trader, parrot platforms, and more, alongside tropical patterned wallpapers and extra vanilla foraging opportunities.

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The 1.6 update is here for the first of my sets!  Sorry for the wait.

The only big change from 1.5 is that I pulled my macaws, gorilla, fossa, gembirds and island butterflies out of my critter reskin to roll in here.

Be aware preview photos use DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolor, which is still waiting on a 1.6 update. 

I was able to test most things but if you notice any new issues please report them, thanks!


Includes (Mods are separate files for the time being, so feel to mix and match)

Ginger Island House Reskin
A retouched farmhouse skin decorated with tropical plants and some special seaside touches. Requires Content Patcher.

Ginger Island Farmhouse
An island farmhouse replacement map with a functioning mini-spa, customizable walls and floors, and dynamic windows. Requires Content Patcher and Dynamic Reflections.
  • A similar floor plan to the original farmhouse for easy switching
  • Bathroom features can be toggled on and off if you want to decorate your own
  • Most walls (4 total) and floors (7 total) are able to be decorated with furniture and wallpapers/flooring
  • A functioning mini-spa - change into your swimsuit in front of the mirror and take a relaxing soak
  • A functioning mirror thanks to PeacefulEnd's awesome Dynamic Reflections (Download the "Without Mirrors" version if you'd prefer to skip this).
  • A tiny animated lizard friend who lives in your houseplants
  • A functioning built-in kitchenette (thanks, Dustbeauty!), with room for a mini-fridge or two, and some lantern lighting
  • Dynamic, weather-dependent windows. Day and night tint, rain during stormy days, fireflies on clear nights, and a chance at random critters outside the windows on clear days.
Config Options:
  • Version: "Bathroom, No Bathroom"

Natural Patterned Wallpapers
A handful of vibrant flora and fauna wallpapers perfect for a jungle island getaway. Requires Content Patcher OR Alternative Textures.

Ginger Island Trader Replacement
Replace the island trader with a parrot th
at matches the rest of the macaws in my critter reskin, who flaps his wings a little and clicks his beak. Requires Content Patcher.

Ginger Island Critter Reskin***NEW
Replaces all the island's parrots with colorful macaws, and reskins the gorilla, fossa, gembirds, and butterflies. Requires Content Patcher.

Parrot Perches and Platforms
Slightly more natural replacements for all the parrot's hangouts on the island. Requires Content Patcher.

Vanilla Ginger Island Forage
Adds coconuts, coral, and other resources spawning around the island in various places that felt appropriate (and a little bare previously). Requires Farm Type Manager.

Known Issues:
None at the moment, so please report any you encounter! Be sure to include your SMAPI log via when possible.


My building/furniture/object reskins don’t show up in game even though I have the right mods installed.
There’s a pretty good chance something else is patching the same sprites and winning the fight. You can use Content Patcher’s terminal commands to quickly find the cause of the problem in most cases, and then disable the conflicting mod or specific patch. 

Where do I find the extra new wallpapers and floors added using Content Patcher/Custom Wallpaper Framework? They don't appear at shops or in the CJB Item Spawner.
Correct! You'll need to access them using the wallpaper catalogue, so buy one of those first.

Why have my Farm Type Manager items stopped spawning over time?
Try deleting the files inside of the "data" folder in the mod, that sometimes fixes it.

How do I change through Alternative Texture skins for an object or building? 
You'll want the Paint Bucket, bought from Robin at the Carpenter's.

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Recommended Companions - Other Authors (may be seen in promo pics)

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Spring Bamboo - Adds bamboo as a growable fruit tree crop.
Chests and Mini-Fridges as Bamboo Baskets - Extra skins for your kitchen appliances to give them a rustic tropical vibe.
Hojichas Seaside Furniture and Walls/Floors - Cute seaside decors and interiors for your beach farm.
Island Resort Furniture - Adds beach towels and umbrellas as furniture.
Lnh's Ginger Island Overhaul - *Still testing full compatibility in 1.6*