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Recolors of building exteriors, with some interiors to match, in a more muted New England-inspired palette.

Permissions and credits
** 2.0 Important Changes **
- Made each change toggleable. Best to use Generic Mod Config Menu to easily manage your config options as there are A LOT now (it is not required though).
- Added non-English compatibility for the languages covered by the game's files: Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,  Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese.
- Cut the snow out of all the winter versions so that whatever environment recolor you have shows through. When that wasn't possible, provided automatic recolors for DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour, A Wittily Named Recolor, and Vibrant Pastoral Recolor. If you don't have any of those, it defaults to vanilla colors.
- Compatible with SVE (it does not modify any SVE building exteriors, just ensures the few mismatched graphics were fixed - for example, makes the SVE character granges match in fall)

There are a lot more smaller changes listed in the 2.0 Changes text file included in the zip.

This started as a small project just for personal use that expanded quite a bit. The goal was to tone down a lot of the building colors, and make them a bit more "New England" in the color palette. These are overlays, meant to be used with your favorite environment recolor - Buildings have cutouts for grass at the bottom edge, for example. Although most of the houses are similar to their originals, just improved textures & colors, a few were overhauled: the JojaMart was redone to be cuter, with green being its accent color instead of blue; and the bathhouse less dirty and gross looking. I also changed some building interiors to better match the exteriors. 

The screenshots are taken with DaisyNiko's Earthy recolor and NO other mods.

  • Rhodox for a lot of clay, brick, wood & door textures used as a base (NOTE: has since gone down and Rhodox is retired)
  • Cometkins's Better [...] mods for produce, artisan goods, fish, so on. (Credits file has exact usages)
  • Squiver for some seasonal wildflowers
  • Ayene-Chan for the scalloped siding, and Magimatica for the doors and windows on the Mayor's redone house
  • Note: No Eemie assets are used anymore, to comply with minervamaga's new permissions.

Known Issues: 
- Hopefully none?? It's probably impossible to ensure perfect compatibility with every mod combination out there though.

Many thanks to Gweniaczek for help resolving the graphical errors and recolor compatibility issues! 

If you spot additional problems, please screenshot it and let me know what other recolor mods you are using (if any). I couldn't test every recolor combination out there.