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A quick recompile of Friends Forever

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Ok, let's chat. Recompiling mods is a pain. So is updating a million mods. I've uploaded this for your absolute convenience, because I love all of you, however I want the best for you, and I'd be lying if I said using this mod was optimal.

CJB Cheats will absolutely do this mod's job, just press "P" and select the friendship tab, the option is right at the top. While you're there, I recommend turning on some other handy QoL functions like unbreakable tackles, a speed boost, or no fence decay. If the cheats mod is too much for you (or you lack self control), I get it! Absolutely use this mod in that case. I've tested it on a new game, it seems to work for me (I slept for like 10 days straight and Abigail still loves me).

If you have issues with this, please let me know, although my C# knowledge is extremely limited, I'll give fixing it a shot.

I have to give credit to the actual author of the original mod, IsaacSDev, as well as the author of the last update, minkshaman, whose source I used to update this version. Thanks!!