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New iron lamp posts for your farm. So fancy!

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Adds six craftable, ornate iron lamp posts to your game. Each recipe costs 1000g from Robin's store and you can craft these with a battery pack and two iron bars (since they're so fancy).

Now comes in "clean" and "overgrown" versions. (Default is overgrown.) All four have seasonal variations and winter includes snow, but the "overgrown" version has vines for spring through fall that flower in summer, and garlands hung during the winter. They match the fancy mailbox from Starblue Valley.

Fancy Lamps requires SMAPIJson Assets, and Content Patcher installed to work.

No conflicts now that Content Patcher and Json Assets are playing nice.


  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install the latest version of  Json Assets.
  3. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
  4. Navigate to your Stardew Valley > Mods and extract the folder there.
  5. Start SMAPI, then close it down to create the config menu.
  6. Fire up the game and marvel at your fancy, fancy lamps!
To uninstall, simply delete the 'Fancy Lamps' folder from the Mods folder. Make sure to delete all instances of the lamps from your save files before deleting this mod! Your game may crash if you fail to do so. Install/uninstall at your own risk.

Pathoschild for SMAPI, spacechase0 for Json Assets. Thanks to ParadigmNomad for their assistance with Json Assets on #modding at the SDV Discord channel. Special thanks to Eemiestardew, whose gorgeous English Lamp Posts inspired me to create these.

Mods Used in Photo: Elle's Seasonal Building Replacements and Elle's Grass Replacement for the greenhouse and grass, respectively. The map recolor is Starblue Valley.