Stardew Valley

About this mod

I create mods for love interests and villagers Portrait

Permissions and credits everybody!I'm going to gradually upload my mods for Stardew Valley including Portraits, Characters and Animals. Right now I already finished on some designs and will upload them one by one soon.

Finished character:

  • Bachelors
  • Bachelorettes

  • Non-marriage candidates
  • Update: ...

   This is for SVE mod ...
i'm forgot sophia swimsuilt haha sorry i'll update later
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My Discord: OhoDavi aka DrkVink#3833
My Discord Channel:
I will update the progress here regularly so that you guys can follow along, as well you may have a few small requests that I can make such as adding a little more detail to the outfit..., explanation answer questions... and maybe get a few commissions =)))) to live through this crazy Covid season
(sorry it's not pretty right now... I'll improve it when I have more free time) 

thank you <3