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New and improved Cindersap Forest - now with 50% more forest! Less convenient forage but more berry bushes and choppable trees - and most importantly, the forest will look like a forest even if you chop them all! Compatible with a number of other mods that edit Cindersap Forest.

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It has bugged me for a long time that Cindersap Forest doesn't really... look or feel like a forest. Especially when you're playing on a Forest Map, that has the lovely dense foliage... while the supposed "forest" to the south of it doesn't? Well, and I went and did something about it!

- The map is fully passable everywhere except for the Secret Woods entrance even without any tools (although to get to the hat shop without tools you'll have to go over the river bridges).

- All dense forest patches are passable with a scythe. They can be a bit labyrinthine inside though ;)

- It's recommended to start a new save with it, but it's usable on an existing save, too. To reset bushes, either:
1) install Entoarox Framework, load your save and type "world_reset bushes" (without the quotes) into the SMAPI console. Entoarox apparently uses depreciated SMAPI code and will break on SMAPI 4.0 unless it's updated by then, but for now it works! The correct bushes will appear the next day (you need to save to see the result, of course), trees will take time to grow.
2) install Reset Terrain Features (or its unofficial update), load your save and, apparently, press L. I haven't tried this one, but I have it on good authority that it works, too!

- I also recommend Destroyable Bushes, which allows you to break bushes with an axe and have them regrow later. My mod is fully usable without it, however ^^

- Compatible with Erin's Festival Map Edit by erinyang via duplication of features, so you can get edited festival maps for the Ice Festival without downloading erinyang's mod - full credit to them for the idea and the design of implementation. To get the edited maps, find "Improved Cindersap Forest" in the Mod Config Menu and select the version you'd like - "Default" (wizard inaccessible), "Map edit" (wizard in the vanilla location, but made accessible) or "NPC relocate" (wizard relocated to an accessible place). Or if you're playing without Mod Config Menu for some reason (???) edit those in the config file in the mod's folder.

- Compatible with Cape Stardew, and in fact I recommend it! There's a lot more forest space with that mod ^^

- Compatible with Stardew Valley Reimagined 3! I didn't make festival versions of the map because Reimagined 3 already does a pretty good job of making them forest-flavored, but the main game map now has forestier forest on it! (possibly deprecated as of 1.6)

- Compatible with Ornithologist's Guild! (But currently not with it and SVR3 at the same time, because that's so much work. I'll do it another time)

- Compatible with Irina is my favorite character, Lunna - Astray in Stardew Valley, Custom NPC Eugene and Juna - Roommate NPC. Irina is not natively compatible with the other two, but you can download the patch I made (it needs to be copypasted into the pre-existing Irina mod folder, not just dropped into the /Mods folder!) and it will be. Fair warning, Irina also breaks recolor mods by forcing vanilla palettes on terrain instead. I've commented on it pointing out this issue, the ball is in Buntovskikh Danil's court now.

- Might be compatible with other mods that edit the forest's eastern and southern edges, but if there's overlap with what my mod edits, one or the other will win and the result will probably look ugly. If there are specific mods you'd like to be made compatible like I did for Cape Stardew, tell me!

- Not for SVE and not compatible with it and cannot be made compatible with it as is. I might make an SVE version if the mod gets super popular and everyone starts clamoring for one, or if I just feel like it, but probably not.

Mods showcased in the screenshots: Seasonal Villager Outfits by paradigmnomad, Flower Dancing - A Flower Dance Mod by kelly2892, Dynamic Night Time by KNakamura, Way Back Pelican Town by Gweniaczek, Vibrant Pastoral Recolor by grapeponta, Stardew Foliage Redone: Foliage Only by Hesper, Yri's Modular Tree Recolor by Yri.