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A modpack full of textures, functional display items, and decorations for your best SDV life! Decorate the Valley challenge anyone?

Permissions and credits

THIS MOD DOES A LOT OF STUFF. (Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up)
**All New items available in the Catalogue & Carpenter's Shop!

(CP & Furniture Display Framework Required)
All new shelves accept object placement!
- 30+ New Options!!
- Variety of widths and heights with different object display sizes.
- Custom elements to let you custom build  (left, center and right sections provided for 3 styles)
- You can FINALLY do something cool above your sink!
- Colour Variations:
- 6 Common Woods plus Dark, Modern, Gold and Iridium Themes!
- 5 Wood variants inspired by DaisyNiko's Earthy Palette
- 3 variants to match the Kimberly's Kitchen Modpack (by request!)
- Other sets for other modpacks coming soon! 

(CP & Furniture Display Framework Required)

All new wall arts accept object placement!
-Scientific Posters, Boards, & Custom Frames
-Custom Banners & Flags

(Alternative Textures Required)
Jungle Decals: 192+
- Suit of Armor: 71+
- Stone Junimo: 14+
- Bear Statue: 36+
- Chicken Statue: 12+
- Gourmand: 5+
- Stone Frog: 14+
- Stone Owl: 10+ (Some pixel art obtained by permission - see below)

(CP Required)
-Did someone say meow? There are cat statues! And goodest doggo bois! Surround yourself with lil guys or create a memorial for a lost pet.

- No conflicts known at this time!! Works with BAGI / other object skin replacers.
- Possible future conflict with other Furniture Display Framework dependents IF they add object placement to default items like tables.
(EX, Table Settings by aedenthorn). This is a planned feature that has not yet been added for this mod.

- SMAPI - Stardew Modding API
Content Patcher
- Furniture Display Framework
- Alternative Textures

Happy Home Designer - 
- Catalogue Filter   - Save time by adding a search filter to the Catalogue!
- Non-Destructive NPCs  - Go to the page just for the description! Then download it to protect your precious decorations.

- Add more colour variants to shelving and display items to coordinate with popular modpacks like LUTI and Rustic Country Interiors
- More retextures for vanilla game assets
- Add place settings for vanilla tables, so more than one item can be displayed
- At least one secret thing that I'm not telling anyone about yet!

- #mod-making & #modded-farmers SDV Discord Channels for putting up with incessant questions and shenanigans at all hours of the day. And night. Wait where am I?
- Mod Authors that have come before! 
- Framework Authors: Pathoschild, aedenthorn, spacechase0, & Floogen. Thank you in particular for documentation! Your pages have been bookmarked, pinned, and referenced many times.
- Pretty-Thing-Makers: Himetart, Wildflour, & Gweniaczek are largely responsible for inspiring me to make the Valley more aesthetic!
- BIG THANKS to Ankokou for allowing this mod to use his beautiful owl sprites from his scarecrow mod!
- Roq: for a million things and a million more.

I often use mods from my favourite creators in my screenshots! They include:
- DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour
- Gwen's Paths
- Medieval Buildings by Gweniaczek
- Fruit Smoothie Recolours
- Hime & Wildflour's Fairy Garden Furniture 
- Hime & Wildflour's Greenhouse Furniture 
DustBeauty's Rustic Country Walls and Floors
 Please check out their mods here on Nexus!