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Makes NPCs not destroy objects placed by the player in their paths. They would instead stop, glare at it, then pass through it.

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So you walk down the street. Minding your business. Suddenly, you see a chest, right there in your path! How rude! This chest is right in the middle of my preferred path! Do you know how many extra steps you would need to take to get around it?! So you do the only sensible thing. You vaporize it with maximum prejudice, and continue on your way.

Did this happen to you? Did you use chests for Automate around town, only to find those chests mercilessly smashed, their contents spilled on the ground (or, in the case of the beach, into the waves?). Did you consult a "safe placement" map that works great... if you don't use any mods that add new characters or change schedules or change the maps? (Looking at you Stardew Valley Expanded!)

Well, look no more! This makes NPCs less destructive. If an object is placed in their paths, they would stop, glare at it for a few seconds, and then continue through it (the exact same behavior if you were to place your character in their paths and refuse to move).


How to use
Plug n' play. This mod has no configuration or fanfare.

  • Tested on Stardew Valley 1.4+ on Windows -- but should work for other platforms just fine.
  • Was not tested on multiplayer.

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