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ConfusedWolf - Molenfeuer - Krystedez - LackeDragon

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DISCONTINUED! This is a continuation of the continuation of the Anthro Farmer Continued Mod

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This mod is DISCONTINUED because the original mod "Anthro Farmer Continued Mod" has been revived!


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Turns the player character into a furry! Best used with Anthro Characters Continued. Supports Stardew Valley 1.5. Usable only with
Content Patcher at this time. This mod has no other mod dependencies.

This is a fix for the Anthro Farmer Continued Mod
Which is a continuation of this Anthro Farmer Continued Mod

Hopefully this is the last version of this.

Bugs fixed by this mod
  • Not compatible with active Seasonal Outfits. Faces are the normal humanlike versions.
  • Mod crashed when Event Repeater (600k downloads) is installed.
  • Update key is missing.

  • Original Credit goes to LackeDragon AND Krystedez.
  • LackeDragon for his hand in creating the wolf/cat base.
  • Krystedez used this to create this stand-in for anthro farmer emersion. 
  • Krystedez also made the tail, edited the hairstyles, made a new hairstyle, and stylized the head a bit differently.
  • Additional Credit goes to Nordmole for actually fixing the mod due to SMAPI issues.

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