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Chatter adds a visual indicator above the heads of NPCs the player hasn't yet talked to today. This is particularly useful at festivals to see if there are any missed NPCs before starting the event.

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Chatter is a simple mod that adds a visual indicator above the heads of NPCs the player hasn't yet talked to today.

This makes if much easier to see at a glance if you need to talk to a given NPC; it's particularly useful at festivals due to the sheer volume of NPCs present there.

Chatter includes some basic configs to make it easier to enable/disable the mod. I've left some of the configs I used for debugging in there as well, if that interests anyone.

New in 1.3.2: Excluded more non-interactable festival npcs

New in 1.3.1: Cut scene issue fixed!
I have fixed a long-standing issue where indicators would sometimes appear during cut scenes, even if the option was disabled. This was due to a bug in my logic where I drew the indicators for where the villagers were outside of the cut scene, but overlaid during the cut scene itself. This should now be fixed.

New in 1.3.0: Birthday indicators!
Special present indicators are here! If it's an NPC's birthday and you haven't yet given them a gift, the birthday will indicator will appear above their head. If you haven't talked to them today, the birthday indicator will appear first; as soon as you give them a gift, the regular chat indicator will replace it as normal. If you'd like to use your own icon for the birthday indicator, the instructions are similar to the custom chat indicator, and can be found in the mod settings page

New in 1.2.3: Disappearing characters fix
Full transparency, there was a bug I unknowingly introduced in 1.2.2 that caused some animals and children to disappear from the world. This has been fixed in this version, and I now understand what I did wrong before and how to prevent that issue from happening again. Full technical breakdown can be found here, saves should (theoretically) not have have any permanent issues if 1.2.2 was used at all

New in 1.2.2: Small fixes1.2.2 has been deprecated due to an issue, do not use this version
There is now a config to show the indicators when a menu is present(normally they disappear until the menu is dismissed)
Some of the farm animals at the Fall fair have had their indicators removed, as they are not sociable (see article for more information)

New in 1.2.1: Indicator scale (finally) works!
The indicator scale can now be adjusted, while also preserving its position at the top of the NPC. Here are some different scale levels I tried out while developing (mod limits are slightly different):

0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6x scale

New in 1.2.0: Zooming (should be) fixed!
The zooming issues should be fixed now, especially if you have mods like InfiniteZoom or ZoomLevel

New in 1.1.0: Custom Icons!
You can use your own custom icon instead of the mod default if you wish. The only requirement is that it needs to be 16x16, due to current limitations, though this may be raised in the future.
To use your own icon, simply make a 16x16 image, name it "indicator.png" and place it in the Customization folder inside the mod folder.
Here's an example I made myself:

Feel free to alert me of any issues with the mod, I'd love to fix them!

I'd really appreciate a vote/endorsement if you're feeling generous :)
Check out my other mods!

Source code for Chatter can be found at my Github.

This mod was adapted from code originally from UI Info Suite by cdaragorn.