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Changes the Chicken Statue to look like its artifact or like your favorite vanilla chicken

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May not be currently compatible with 1.6 Update:

I am currently working on all of my mods to make them compatible with 1.6. Please use at your own risk or wait until a compatible version is available.

Ever wondered why the chicken statue you get from Gunther doesn't match the artifact you find? Well now it can!

There are also blue and void chicken versions if you really want to spice things up. I have also included a "cuter void" version to match SkylarkL's Cuter Void Chicken, since I use their model in my own game.

The default color is white, but you can change this in the config.json file after installing the mod and loading the game, or if you have Generic Mod Config Menu, you can change the color from the options menu (you will have to leave the current area and return for the new color to take effect).


A few mods that I use in my game are displayed in the in-game pics. I will link the mods below.
Pigeon Mailbox by Gweniaczek.
Elle's Seasonal Buildings by junimods.
Experience Bars by spacechase0.
UI Info Suite 2 by annosz (on github)

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