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Adds deviled eggs as a recipe to Stardew

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May not be currently compatible with 1.6 Update:

I am currently working on all of my mods to make them compatible with 1.6. Please use at your own risk or wait until a compatible version is available.

This mod adds deviled eggs as a recipe to Stardew valley. The recipe can be purchased from Marnie at any time. As she is infamous for not always being available at her ranch, I may change that if anyone requests it.

There are 2 main files for this mod: please only install ONE file.

If you install the JA-Only file, the recipe will be just be added to Marnie's inventory.

If you install the Mail Framework (MFM) file, Marnie will send you the recipe in the mail once you reach 2 hearts with her. If she sends you the letter and you read it, the recipe will disappear from her inventory, preventing you from wasting your money on it. You also should not receive the letter if you buy it from her first.

A few mods that I use in my game are displayed in the in-game pics. I will link the mods below.
Elle's Kitchen Replacement by junimods.
Seasonal Hats (Json Assets) by beeeans.
Customizable Baby and Children by nraittanna.

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