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Adds a pink geranium flower to the game. More types of geraniums are planned to be added.

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I will not update this mod to 1.6 because i am not really happy with the art. I don't feel motivated enough to remake the sprites either sooo... if you want a geranium, just get Cornucopia. It is better than anything i can come up with and a very well-designed mod. Go give it an endorsement, too ;)
Thanks to everyone who downloaded and endorsed my mod <3

My first ever mod!! I always wanted to learn how to mod SDV and make pixelart, so I wanted to add my mother's geraniums into the game. This is kinda an experimental mod, but I plan to update this from time to time :3 I hope you like my mod <3

You can purchase the seeds from Pierre for 200g.
The seeds can be planted in spring and summer.
The flower takes 15 days to grow and keeps producing every 3 days after harvesting.
There is also a 0.1 chance of an extra flower upon harvest.
Regular quality flower sells for 100g.

Plans for future updates
More geranium types (ivy geraniums, cranesbill geraniums etc.) [WIP]
Giant versions of the crops
Hydrangeas for another mod maybe? (no promises cuz schoolwork :,)

Mods in screenshots

Special thanks to
Pathoschild for creating SMAPI
spacechase0 for creating JSON Assets
CopperSun for creating the custom crop tutorial which was a great help for making this mod.
Aaaand everyone who commented on the WIP pic I posted. Thank you for encouraging me <3