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Unofficial update of Erasercat's Cuter Cellar. Cleans up the cellar and adds some cute furnishings.

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To quote the original mod author, this mod:

  • Fixes broken flooring and walls.
  • Adds furnishings to the cellar.
  • Adds more light sources.
  • Optionally, expands the cellar to the right:
    • Run the game once to generate a configuration file.
    • Choose between "Large" or "Small", the latter being the size of the vanilla cellar.
    • Default is set to Small.

It requires SMAPI and Content Patcher, and will conflict with any other mod that edits the interior of the cellar.

I didn't add anything new, just fixed some bugs that prevented it from working. The content.json is entirely unchanged from Erasercat's original version (other than defaulting to small instead); it seemed to solely be a problem with the tilesheets themselves, which I've (hopefully) resolved. Please tell me if there are any issues, and I will try my best to fix them.