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I have not used this site in a very long time, I fell out of love with making mods for SDV as I had some run in with some very hateful mod makers. I do not plan on updating my mods anymore.


So- if you would like to take my old mods and update them yourselves and improve upon them, you have my full permission. All I ask is that you do not claim you made them and provide a link back to this profile. ^_^




I have dipped my toes back into toying with simple visual mods again. I am not sure if I'll post any but perhaps I will after these... 2? years? I still have no desire to update my old mods, all the files are on an old broken laptop anyways so I have no access to them or remember how I even did them. So anyone can still update those if they wish. I will be under a different account since I no longer associate myself with the username erasercat! Just a brand change thing for me :] 


If you enjoy the mods I've made, consider buying me a coffee!

I am but a poverty stricken disabled mid 20s guy making mods for the hell of it :broken_heart: