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Cleans up the cellar and adds some cute furnishings.

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Hi all!! It's been a few years since I last was in the modding scene due to hostile run ins with other mod makers privately. 
This mod is indefinitely abandoned! I have no desire to update it. Therefore to those who wish to continue using my old mods in newer SDV updates: You have my full permission to unofficially update this mod. All I require is credit for creating it, and that you credit any artists who's assets I used in addition to mine. That's all! 

Cuter Cellar ?

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  • Fixes broken flooring and walls.
  • Adds furnishings to the cellar.
  • Adds more light sources.
  • Expands the cellar to the right.

  • Download the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher.
  • Unzip CP and this mod and drop them into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Run game using SMAPI!

  • This mod is NOT compatible with mods that change the cellar map.

2.0.0 Notes:
I noticed that in a few of my mods I used pixels that I do not have permission to use. I made a mistake and assumed that one artist made everything and that I could use it in my own mods. I'm regretful that I don't remember who the artist for the pixels are but I would love to personally apologize to them.

I've scrapped the maps I made using their pixels and have redone everything using pixels either I have made/edited or that I know for a fact I can use. I will not make this same mistake!

Again, I'd like to apologize. As an artist myself I know it's very frustrating and hurtful for someone to use you art without permission so I am terribly sorry. :(


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