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This mod extends your maximum skill levels to 100 and adds experience bars.

Permissions and credits
Level Extender

**UPDATED FOR 1.5.x +**

Recent Changes in v1.3.5:

** Experience bars! **

-> The experience curve is about the same as Runescape Level 99 is ~1.2m XP 
-> Possibility for an extra item when doing skill tasks based on skill level.
-> Experience carries over from leveling 
-> Cleaned up XP bars
-> Sets training fishing rod bar to level 5

*Hotfix 1.5.3-v001*
-> Fixed item quest/item bugs
-> Added toggle for XP bars (Check mod description for commands or change config)
-> Monster spawn fixes 
-> Code optimizations

For a full list of changes go here:

Coming Soon:

Compatibility with SpaceCore skills (Cooking, Love of Cooking, Magic, etc..) 
All monsters will be scaled to combat level.

Green -> Means recently updated / added features / commands.

SMAPI Level Extender is quite simply a mod that extends the default skills to level 100 (previously 10 max).

Notable Features:

All vanilla skills have a level 100 maximum

Fishing is overhauled past level 10. Levels after 10 now slow down the degradation of the reeling bar.

Fishing is slightly harder up till level 12, then starts to gets easier based on level.
At level 100 the fishing bar averages +100 pixels larger with the cork bobber.

Optional** (false by default): Monster spawning everywhere.
The monster spawning is based on your combat level and has a small chance of spawning at any given game - tick. These monsters are generally weaker by default, but scale based on your player's Combat level.
(Change the player file generated after first save to allow monster spawning; "LevelExtender/data/"<your_farmer_name>_<some number>" : Change <"worldMonsters": false> to <"worldMonsters": true>

Prestige Mod:
Compatibility with Prestige Mod has been added without the author's consent. Since I do not alter or redistribute his mod in any way; I do not require permission. When you have a skill at or above 10, press "P" in the skills menu, and the game will drop your skill down to "10" so that prestige mod recognizes it. Once you close the menu; the level will revert back to normal. However, if you choose to prestige, you will lose 10 levels from your current level. Example: Fishing = 75, After prestige: fishing = 65. Also, your current perks/professions will be deleted, but have the option to use your prestige points on the available "permanent" perks, from the Prestige mod. (Future updates may change this)

Skills have the same XP system UNTIL you reach level 10. The total XP to reach 100 is somewhere around 2,000,000 XP.

Most skill changes past level 10 will show when you hover your mouse over a particular skill in the game menu.
SDV has a host of features for each skill; based on skill level. It doesn't matter that the skills are over 10. For example, increased crop yield, based on Farming level.

* Multiplayer works to my knowledge. Please report bugs.
* Some skills have been reworked to work better. (ex: fishing bar)
* Fish now have randomized difficulties based on your fishing level. The actual math is:
int x = (difficulty - rand.Next(0,(int)(Game1.player.fishingLevel / 4)));
     if (x < 1) x = rand.Next(1, difficulty);

* XP modifier added so you can change the experience required after level 10.
* Monster spawning more reasonable & doubled rate at night.
Modified combat XP rate and rare monsters now have a unique drop table (any item in the game is a possible drop).

- Most mods should work fine with LE.

Required Mods:

The latest version of SMAPI - by Pathoschild

Recommended Mods:

Extreme Fishing Overhaul (by me) - Allows you to catch higher level randomly generated fish
Sprint (by me)
Chat Commands (by CatCattyCat)

Bugs / Exploits:

Occasionally monsters will spawn without textures, but all monsters without shadows were removed; so something is always visible. Not sure what the issue is but I may have to draw the monster textures over the world since monsters do not normally spawn there.

Installation: (SMAPI mods are very easy to install)

Place the main folder "LevelExtender" in "StardewValley/Mods" AKA extract the zip file.

SMAPI Custom Commands for Level Extender:

  • xp: will simply state your current XP at/past level 10. "NL" stands for XP required for the next level.
  • lev: Changes your level in specified skill to anything between 0 and 100. (Syntax: "lev <name_of_skill> <number_between_0_and_100>"Example: lev mining 72)
  • wm_toggle: This allows the toggling of monsters on and off (not caves). Default: false.
  • xp_m: This allows you to modify all experience tables after level 9 by a decimal value. Syntax: "xp_m <0.0 - ANY DECIMAL>" Example: xp_m 0.5  -> this would be half the normal rate.
  • spawn_modifier: This allows you to forcefully change monster spawn rate -> "spawn_modifier 0.01" is equivalent to 1%.
  • xp_table: Lists all of your skills current experience and the experience required for the next level. 
  • set_xp: Changes your experience for the specified skill. (Syntax: "set_xp <name_of_skill> <number>" Example: set_xp mining 1000)
  • draw_bars: Sets whether the XP bars should be drawn or not: draw_bars <true OR false>, Default; true (Enabled).

Important Notices:

**** PLEASE BACKUP SAVES - I am not responsible for lost content. ****


Redistribution or modification of my mod is NOT allowed.

If you have issues you can always contact me on Discord. (Devin#4555)