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Run SMAPI commands through the in game chat box! Also adds scrolling, command history, whispers, and more!

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Chat Commands

  • Run SMAPI commands through the in game chat box! The format is '/<the original command name>'. So for example, if you wanted to set the weather to fall, you'd type '/world_setseason fall'.
  • Adds a scrollbar so you can look through past messages (visual only, it can't be dragged with a mouse, you need to use a scroll wheel).
  • Adds history for typed messages, which you can access with the up/down arrow keys.
  • Use the left/right arrow keys to edit parts of your message instead of deleting the whole thing.
  • Send whispers directly to another player, as opposed to sending a message to everybody. See /halp w and /halp r for more info.
  • Dynamically resizes your chat window so if you have a larger screen, you can see more messages.
  • Console output is monospaced (you can disable this if you want in the config.json).

If you want to run SMAPI's help command, you need to type /halp instead, as /help conflicts with the game's help command.

Other players won't see that you ran a command, or its output.

You can change how many messages will be stored by editing the config file (default 70). Set it to 0 to store all messages.

For whispers, both the sending and receiving players must have this mod installed. Any player who doesn't have it installed will see random characters instead of the message.

For advanced users:
You can also have the chat box display all console output by running /listen (or listen in the console). To turn it off, run /listen again. If you want to have this enabled by default, see the config.json file.

Config settings:
- You can strip the SMAPI message prefix from out (the [Mod Name] at the start) from commands entered in the chat. RemoveSMAPIMessagePrefix to true.
- You can change what the colors show up as, mapping the color in the console to the color to show in the chat box. See more info.

Requires SMAPI by Pathoschild v2.9+.

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