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Cape Stardew: Embark on an epic quest into a mysterious sea cavern, unearthing treasures and forming bonds with Annetta. Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative, seamlessly integrating with other mods. Unleash optional legendary weapons for a truly legendary farming adventure!

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  • Spanish
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  • Mandarin


(Cape Stardew is a work in progress expansion with adventure-like elements.)

New Areas:

30+ new maps 


29 new items introduced.

Encounter 5 new stronger monsters.

Interact with 2 new characters, Annetta, and the Sea spirit Jelli in the underground sea caverns.

Embark on a Mythic Quest:

Step boldly into the heart of a mesmerizing sea cavern, shrouded in mystery and brimming with untold secrets. Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure.

Uncover the Veiled Past:

[Unlock the mysteries of bygone eras as you unearth hidden treasures, weapons, and personal artifacts.]

Meet a Mysterious Companion:
[Encounter Annetta, a gifted and polite musician residing nearby. Please note that Annetta's character is currently a work in progress, and she is non-dateable at the moment. Enjoy the unfolding story as you explore together!]

A Saga Awaits:
[Prepare to be captivated by an enthralling tale of intrigue and self-discovery, as the secrets of the sea cavern gradually come to light. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming updates that promise to enrich this narrative.]

-Unearth Hidden Riches
[The sea cavern conceals valuable ores and gems, but beware of lurking monsters. Unlock the adventurer's guild to embark on this perilous quest.]

Harmonious Integration:

[Designed to harmoniously integrate with other mods that patch the forest area. You can effortlessly toggle between different versions in the config menu or config file to ensure smooth coexistence with other mods that may utilize the same space. Additionally, you have the option to enable or disable the boat's presence at the dock on the beach in Pelican Town (Once unlocked), allowing for greater flexibility and compatibility with other mods using the area. Revel in a seamless and personalized gameplay experience tailored to your preferences!]

"Cape Stardew: 'The Ocean's Embrace Unveiled' is a story that beckons you to unlock its secrets. The sea cavern is filled with tales of the past, and only a few have dared to explore its depths. Will you dare to embark on this adventure? (Updates pending...)"]

In "Cape Stardew," you'll have the option to enhance your experience with optional weapons, each adding a unique twist to your gameplay.]

Channel the power of these legendary blades from another realm, allowing you to unlock new abilities and face challenges in a fresh and exciting way.
Soul Calibur Weapons
Imbued with the souls of warriors past, wield these legendary weapons and unleash their special techniques to overcome formidable foes.
Poké Ball
Capture the essence of the vibrant world of Pokémon with these special items. Use them strategically to aid you in your farming journey and encounters in the cavern.

Remember, these items are entirely optional. If you prefer a more balanced and traditional Stardew Valley experience, you can choose not to install them and still enjoy the captivating story and secrets of Cape Stardew.]

[Note: The following contains hints related to optional weapons found in the Sea Cave.]

Install the Keyblade Weapons Mod:
[Wield the Kingdom Keys: will spawn during stormy or rainy days, adding a touch of magical prowess to your arsenal.]

Obtain the Metal Chocobo Key: This formidable weapon can be purchased from Marlon's shop or found hidden within the depths of the sea cave, waiting for a brave adventurer to claim it.]

Discover the Fairy Harp Key: This enchanting weapon reveals itself after a rainy day, but only graces you with its presence when the current day is sunny, providing a harmonious balance of power.]

Unveil the Lady Luck Key (Guild Members Only): Seek out this special key in the secret forest area, but be sure it's a lucky day, and your friendship with Annetta is strong enough to unlock its potential.]

Unlock the Oathkeeper Key: Deep within the sea cave lies the powerful Oathkeeper. To reveal its true form, you must wield the Galaxy Sword and have established a bond of at least 5 hearts with Annetta.]


Keyblades are compatible with Advanced Melee Framework Mod!

Compatible Recolors:
Vibrant Pastoral
DaisyNiko’s Earthy recolor
Star blue valley

[Q: Is Cape Stardew compatible with other Stardew Valley expansions?
[A: Yes! Cape Stardew is carefully designed to be compatible with other popular expansions, such as Stardew Valley Expanded, and various mods available on NexusMods. This solo project ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the mod with your other favorite expansions, but if you encounter any issues with other mod’s don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know.]

[Q: Do I need to start a new save to use Cape Stardew?
[A: No, you don't! Cape Stardew is created to be installable mid-save. This means you can easily add it to your existing game without the need to start anew. Continue your journey in Stardew Valley while venturing into the captivating depths of the sea cavern without any interruption.]

[Q: What should I do if I encounter an issue with the mod?
[A: If you happen to come across any issues or have feedback about Cape Stardew, please don't hesitate to report them on the Bugs tab located on NexusMods. Your feedback is important.]

[Q: Where is the entrance to Cape Stardew?
[A: The entrance is located just south of the Hat Mouse.]

For additional support check out the Wiki!
-Cape Stardew Wiki-
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Mapping - Story - Event Scripter
dreamygloom, a.k.a. Lucidvisionsinc

Avian - Invaluable contribution to the gift dialogue.

Special Thanks
ConcernedApe - Creator of Stardew Valley

FreshSnow Track by Jared Alexander Johnson