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Overhauls Player Character and every NPC sprite

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Hello and welcome everyone!

This mod aims to make all character sprites in the game, well, slightly cuter. Features include:

  • No longer will there be bowlegs
  • Consistent look between player character and NPCs
  • Some mistakes were fixed such as Abigail’s bow being on the wrong side in some animations or Jodi’s side braid which now is visible from only one side etc.
  • Cleaner than most vanilla sprites
  • Additional edits of NPCs in events such as the fair, Sam's concert, Joja market etc. (see images)
  • Optional Maru without glasses and Mr Qi with black suit
  • Optional female skirt adapted from HyperChicken01's mod who kindly let me use their sprites. All credit goes to them, I only deleted the noses from their characters
  • Optional compatibility patch for Eemistardew's "Just a new map recolour". This only affects a few stones and works with all of Eemiestardew's different versions
  • Now includes also the multiplayer update's content

Note: If you want to use the additional NPC edits beware that those NPCs are placed on the sprite sheets with map tiles. For example:  the Joja market NPCs are on the map with the interior decoration of the town (though not your house and not the outside buildings). Be sure to not accidentally override another mod you use.

Note 2: There is one tiny bug that you might experience. In Sam's Two-heart event Sebastians head may be a bit glitchy. DHKAMITY uploaded some pictures of it. Edit: It seems like this is a problem from the vanilla game so nothing can be done about it.

  • fixed issue with pam and penny so they no longer vanish in one of the new events
  • included overhauls from the multiplayer patch
  • fixed a coloring mistake with Morris
  • fixed issue with Demetrius blinking rapidly while writing
  • Maru's side sprite now has the same height as her front and back sprites (that really bothered me...)
  • very minor improvements to Mr Qi, Marnie, Linus
  • fixed issue that affected lighting from the window
  • Someone requested a compatibility patch with "just a map recolor"  mod. And since I am such a giver, it is now an optional file.
  • overhauled characters from the intro of the game
  • updated bulletin board bundle pictures with the new sprites
  • updated Haley pictures from 8-heart event
  • added more characters. They include Marnies wedding dance, Sebastian on a motorcylce, drunk Shane on the ground, Pam driving the Bus, characters on the Joja-route.
  • added All-in-one file
  • fixed issue with female sprite
  • fixed issue with Shane's animations
  • added additional NPC edits for the Fair, Sam's concert, the stadium, Joja market

I hope you enjoy this mod!

You can freely edit these sprites for/include them in your own mod as long as you give credit.