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Adds lovebirds with real sounds~

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This adds lovebirds to marine's shop for the deluxe coop, and somewhere you will be able to buy eggs to 2 secret variants. They bring fruits from the forest. They really will chirp! Real lovebird recordings were used from my friend.
Download this if you really like lovebirds.

Available in
- English
- German

If you like the style of the lovebirds, I used the Parrots from Gizomo as a scaffold with permission, maybe endorse his chicken to parrots mod while you check him out. :)

Art: MadDenim  
Audio: Jasar's Lovebirds
Code and Rest: Arrbyte

Think of them a bit like the Bat Farmcave! 
Lovebirds, their drops are---  fruit based like their heads? *shuffles paper*.... well here some totally real quotes.

Wow who knew this peach lovebird can provide me peaches, this wordplay is amazing!
This exotic lovebird brought me an apple! Oooo, i needed that!

Colors to collect:
- Blue Masked
- Green Masked
- Orange Head, Creme Body, Blue Wings 
- Yellow Head, Green Body
- Peachhead
- White
- Peach Head, Yellow Body
- Grey Head, Green Body

Specials (not in shop):
- Void
- Gold

Requirements in 1.6

Content Patcher by Pathoshield

My recommendations
- Arrbyte's Zebrafinches
- Arrbyte's Canaries
- Bird overhaul - Ornithologist's Guild - 1.6 ready by ivylovesbirds
- Any mods you like!

Requirements in 1.5
If you still play in 1.5 you are free to download the 1.0.0 version from "old files" in nexus mods. This version ( 1.0.0 ) is stable and works just fine, but won't be updated with new content and skins.
To run it, you need the following: 

BFAV - unofficial version
Custom Music for 1.5

Issues here it might be a bit buggy due BFAV, but if you sleep it usually recovers. Works fine multiplayer and singleplayer.

Do not forget that running BFAV at all, you unlock all chickens and BFAV animals using "Egg" with using an "Egg" in the incubator. Might offset the balancing a bit.