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Adds canaries to the base game, also has sounds! Does not replace chickens.

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This adds a canary to marine's shop. Lays chicken eggs and brings secrets from the mines.
Download this if you really like canaries.

SAAT technically allows adding of multiple tracks, but doesn't allow them on the same ID, so you would hear the same sound over and over.
So we stick with custom music for now. Replaces "detector" track. Not used ingame but maybe by another mod. Keep an eye out.
Everything is recorded myself.

Works with no conflicts with my other mod that adds lovebirds with sounds!

Thanks to Lora the nest builder, Gordon the old one and Giovanni the fat.

Since canaries were used in the mines, their drops are mine related too! Here some totally real quotes.

Wow who knew this spotted canary brings me coal in the mornings?
My red one loves copper!

My bomb production is really happy with my yellow canary gold!

Where does my white canary even get iron from??? HE LEAVES AT NIGHT?


runs stable.
Tested in multiplayer. 
One known issue is that I experienced that the canary became a chicken for a day, and then again a canary. But thats BFAV being wonky, nothing i can change.

- BFAV Unoffical Version
- Custom Music

-Add custom items (DGA, maybe?)  The canaries found a purpose, i might consider it tho. But JA/DGA as dependency for a single canary egg that might get replaced by ore.
- Add more colour variants