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Gizzymo Paradigmnomad and VileBeggar

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Adds about 2600 new lines of dialogue across all 34 characters who have a heart level. The Alternate Bachelorette version of CFDE contains changes to reflect bachelorette versions of the current bachelors within Stardew valley.

Permissions and credits
Original Canon Friendly Dialogue Expansion

What's in this dialogue expansion mod?

-1600+ new day-to-day dialogue messages for ALL 34 characters who have a heart level. When starting a new game, most dialogue is the same as vanilla, but as you raise characters' heart levels in increments of 2, they tend to open up more often and become more personal, vulnerable, and/or philosophical.

-Approximately 600 new marriage dialogue messages across all 12 spouses (about 50 per spouse). Note: Flirty, PG-rated dialogue that indicates physical intimacy is now a little more common. ConcernedApe had a couple of suggestive lines, so I took this concept and expanded on it a bit. All new marriage dialogue is SFW.

-There are also about 400 new dialogue messages for festivals. Year 1 features the same festival dialogue as vanilla. Years 2 and 3 each get a brand new set of dialogue. For year 4 and beyond, the dialogue is randomized between the three sets. (The night market is not included.)

Changes in the Alternate Bachelorette Version?
  • Dialogue referring to Elliott is now changed to refer to Elena.
  • Dialogue referring to Sebastian is now changed to refer to Sabrina.
  • Dialogue referring to Alex, Sam, and Shane now reflect their status as bachelorettes.
  • Dialogue referring to Harvey is now changed to refer to Harriet.

Translation Support?

Due to me not knowing the status of the translations within the old 2.0.11 Alternate Bachelorette version of CFDE, I decided to drop translation support from the main mod. Translations of the current files are allowed. The creation of new Nexus mod pages to host these translation are encouraged.

How do I install?

Requires SMAPI and Content Patcher

1. Download and unzip this mod. You should see a folder titled [CP] Stardew Valley Dialogue Expansion - Alternate Bachelorette.
2. Locate your Stardew Valley folder. Go to Stardew Valley > Mods.
3. Drag and drop the folder [CP] Stardew Valley Dialogue Expansion - Alternate Bachelorette into Mods. All done!

How can I quickly verify that the mod is working?

Start a new save file and talk to Shane. The first time your character
interacts with him, there will be a "...?" punctuating the end of his
dialogue. In vanilla, the same sentence is punctuated with just a "?".

Help! Something Went Wrong!

In the event that an error or other issue occurs, please submit a bug report on this mod page with any relevant information. Screenshots of the issue and any resulting error logs would be incredibly useful for diagnosing the cause of any problems encountered. Do not bother Gizzymo with any issues resulting from the use of the Alternate Bachelorette version of CFDE.

Recommended Mods
  • Combined Girl Mod: Turn the bachelors into females, alongside a wide array of configuration options. Please go through configuration carefully to ensure the names of your bachelorettes mach the names within the CFDE Alternate Bachelorette fork.
  • SHIE'S PORTRAITS: A set of portraits with Alternate Bachelorette support

Credits - Thank you for your contributions!

Original Canon Friendly Dialogue Expansion: gizzymo & Paradigmnomad
Alternate Bachelorette Version - WarAdvisor, IAmTheRed, & VileBeggar