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Location dialogues, multiple per day, custom notifs and more.

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This mod is a framework / tool for modders

"Dynamic dialogues" makes dialogues more customizable via CP.
Some dialogue features are only avaiable to SMAPI mods- this mod lets you use them easily.


  • Location specific dialogue
  • Time specific dialogue
  • (+notifs)
  • Custom greetings when passing by a NPC.
  • Ask NPC questions (when there's nothing else to talk about).

Dialogue features:
  • Shake
  • Emote
  • Jump
  • Face a new direction
  • Say the dialogue as a bubble
  • Force/ Say dialogue when you're not in the location

All of this fully configurable.

Example of a patch:

      "Action": "EditData",
      "Target": "mistyspring.dynamicdialogues/Dialogues/Lewis",
      "Entries": {
        "exampleEdit": {
          "Time": "630",
          "Dialogue": "@?! It's 6:30!",
          "IsBubble": "true",
          "ClearOnMove": "true",
          "Jump": "true",
          "Shake": 1000

Documentation and source code are avaiable in github.