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A translation of Kaori_Haruta's mod, which tweaks gift reaction dialogue to be more varied instead of getting the same generic reactions over and over!

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It can get tedious seeing the same reactions to your gifts over and over, especially if you're trying to clear Qi's Kindness, which requires you to give loved gifts to villagers. With this mod, you'll get different reactions from all vanilla villagers depending on what you give them.

This is a translated version of the same mod by Kaori_Haruta, which you can find here!

Notes (taken from original mod):

This mod doesn't change any gift tastes, it simply alters their dialogue when given a specific gift. There are several categories of gift reactions, so feel free to explore each type. Each item will have about 1-2 lines.

  • Loved gifts: Self-explanatory. They also have different reactions if you give these to them for their birthday.
  • Hated gifts: Also self-explanatory.
  • General gifts: This can range from receiving crops, forage and flowers. Feel free to explore! 
  • Unique gifts: Some villagers are receptive to certain items (for example, Leah and hardwood. Not all reactions will be positive, though!)
  • Recipe review: This triggers if you give a villager a dish that they taught you the recipe for (for example, Linus and Fish Taco). Only plays the day after learning the recipe from them in the mail.
  • Returning Goods: Only triggers from shopkeepers (Sandy, Pierre, etc.) after giving them something that can be bought at their store.
  • Golden Pumpkin: Optional, and self explanatory. Each villager has a unique dialogue on giving this to them, save for the Wizard, who has two.

Not all gifts are covered, however - items like the Prismatic Shard and Rabbit's Foot will still generally illicit the generic gift reaction from most villagers, and some items may share the same reaction.

The mod was originally written to be faithful to the vanilla game as much as possible, and in turn, I did my best to adhere to it as well. If there's any part of it you want to change, you can edit the content file to suit your needs, such as if you have certain mods that change gift tastes!

(that being said, I did add a small bonus for Jas after Shane's 7-heart event regarding her reaction to a certain item.)


There shouldn't be any clashes with most dialogue mods, unless they also utilise Custom Gift Dialogue Utility (in which it might not be seen), but it shouldn't affect gameplay. It works fine with SDVE (since I run it as well), but due to the changes in maps between the vanilla version and the mod, you may wish to alter some pieces of dialogue in the content file.

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For queries regarding the original mod, please redirect your questions to the original mod author, thank you!

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