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I've always wondered if Sandy slept on the floor... Well, no need to ponder anymore!

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Sandy's Less Ugly House

A very simple mod with an unusually long description. 

I accidently opened a tab and deleted my whole UNSAVED description.. Ugh why do I do this to myself?
I actually planned to post this like a few days ago but that description gone just took away my motivation so here I am a few days late. Anyway...

Hi hello, it's me again. Giving you another dose of some crusty unpaid DIYs in peoples houses. I've always wondered if Sandy slept on her counter, on the floor, or on top of her shelves...well, I need not to think anymore!

Where did all the hospital floor tiles go?

In the dumpster. Forget about that, it's a thorn in my eyes. Wood tones all the way >:)

Why does Sandy's shop look so... not store-like?
I've worked on this specific map edit for about.. 2-3 days. Trust me when I say that there a moment in time where it looked like a mini Jojamart in the middle of the desert. In the end I ultimately settled with this since...

Let me give you a direct quote from the WIKI;
Sandy allows Mr. Qi to operate his casino behind her shop. It's clear they're not close, but she accepts his money and "looks the other way" with whatever he's doing back there
and quote.

So yes, in my head Sandy doesn't actually really need to sell something in her shop, or even tend to it at all. Since she already receives hush money from Mr. Qi, and he doesn't really seem like a stingy person to me. With that assumption I'm going to be guessing that he'd actually be quite generous with the sum he gives to Sandy, and in return she lives quite comfortably even without tending to her shop.
Hence why there's not a lot of places to store sellable goods.

Don't like it? Don't get it. Simple isn't it? :p

This has the most simplest coding that is known to man, so though I dread it I know there will be bugs and whatnot that I have overlooked. If you've spotted one, feel free to send a bug report AFTER reading below. Bug reports from those who has clearly not read the mod description will be ignored and/or deleted!


Very Important, Read me!

What this mod DOESN'T do:

1. Makes Sandy actually sleep on the bed

No I did not do any editing in her schedule so she does still eternally stand behind the counter.
Yes the bedroom and kitchen is dusty from it not being used.
Use a little imagination will ya? :p

2. Edits the Heart events

Relating to above, I don't even think that other than meeting her for the first time, if she has any other heart events.

Now, in relation to that I am not sure how well this mod works with a big expansion.

I'm ending this in number 2 >:)


East Scarp, if it adds a cutscene inside her home, you might experience some clipping issues. Either install No-Clip or simply skip the cutscene and move on. :)
RidgeSide Villageeyes up there please.
Stardew Valley Expanded, not sure if it edits her home. Probably does, if so then it's unlikely.
Sandy Expansions, maybe, maybe not.

Regarding SVE, I'm gonna remind you to read above again. Honestly, are you even surprised at this point pfft.
Regarding Sandy Expansions, well if it adds a cutscene inside her shop, yeah a clipping issue is very likely. Download at your own risk!

Mods shown

Kkunma's Hair
Cuter Shoes
Elf Ears
Oversized Sleeves
Kyuya's Hats (Highly recommend, their stuff is well made!)
Natural Reshade
I think the mask is from here
Can't be bothered to look for the individual clothing pack but I'm sure It's from 
this author


1. Install Content Patcher and Extra Map Layers
2. Download this mod
3. Extract the zip into your mods folder 
4. Viola!