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A Hilltop Farm Expansion Based on XCube's Original Hilltop Expansion

Permissions and credits
The hilltop farm has been my favorite farm type since beginning the game, and I loved the A Bigger Better Hilltop by XCube and have used it a lot. Unfortunately that particular map is no longer maintained, so I decided I would update it for 1.5 and make it even bigger!

Features that differ from the original:

  • A lot more space, specifically to allow for more paths and iridium sprinklers with pressure nozzles
  • Removed little mine tunnel in favor of another stairway
  • Straight shot path to Cindersap Forest from the farm house
  • Larger field to the top right of the map
  • Larger fenced in area for animals
  • Removed shipping bin so that there won't be a ghost bin if you move it
  • Removed grass and stone tiles where the default greenhouse placement is so nothing wonky is left behind after moving it
  • Cleaned up some wonky tiles
  • Made all bridges double wide
  • Widened little inset cliff area to fit another shed if you like tucking them into nooks like I do
  • Made some land around the river bigger for easier traversing with a horse
  • Removed barrels and unbreakable stones in animal and upper-right field for more seamless space

And it includes four different versions for you to choose from because of the pet bowl. Yes, the pet bowl.
In vanilla the pet bowl sits on the regular wood flooring, but some recolor mods (namely Starblue Valley) have options to have the pet bowl sitting on grass, dark grass, or dirt instead. This led me to making multiple versions to accommodate all of these, except for Starblue's void option.

If you are using this with a previous save, it is recommended to install Reset Terrain Features to reset any misplaced bushes or trees to the new locations.
If you end up with machines or other things overlapping with terrain or water, you may need to install No Clip Mode in order to retrieve the items.

This is compatible with Generic Mod Config Menu.

If you use Custom Spouse Patio you will need to adjust placement for the moved spouse patio area!
Coordinates for the new patio location are as follows from top left to bottom right:

X:74 Y:8   X:75 Y:8  X:76 Y:8  X:77 Y:8
X:74 Y:9   X:75 Y:9  X:76 Y:9  X:77 Y:9

You will need to adjust any other pieces of the patio above the original patio floor as required.

If you notice anything out of place or strange, let me know! If you would also like other alternative versions I would be happy to hear ideas!