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  • feel free to make edits to my mods, just credit me if you upload them!
  • also, most of my seasonal mods contain some assets from Poltergeister's Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod, which is a collaborative project that was worked on by a number of people. if you want to reuse those assets, please check out the original mod so you can get the right permissions and credit the right artists.


hi!! my name is Mari. when I made this account I had no idea I would ever make my own mods, so I used a stupid throwaway username and now I just have to live with it lol


I love designing characters and making edits as a hobby, but I also work a full time job so I can't reply to every message or fulfill every request. I'm mostly out here making cute stuff that I want to see. but I truly appreciate every download and every comment on my mods!


☆ if you like my mods and want to support or commission me, i have a kofi!

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