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Lets you turn in-game snapshots into framed pictures to hang on your walls.

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This mod is a framework for creating picture frame furniture that can display custom-made snap-shots created using an in-game interface.

This mod does not contain any frames, you will need to install at least one custom frames content pack, e.g.:

For information on creating your own frames, see below.

Taking Snapshots

Once you have installed some frames, you can take a snapshot to use in a specific frame by pressing the interface hotkey (default: F10). 

This will cause a frame to be shown next to the mouse cursor. To choose a different frame, press the frame switch key (default: F11).

Move the cursor so the frame outlines the subject and press the snapshot key (default: F12).

Press Esc or the interface hotkey to cancel taking a snapshot.

Note: Changing the game zoom lets you take zoomed in or out photos.

Assigning Snapshots

To assign a snapshot to a frame of the same type used to take the snapshot, hover over the frame in-game and press the change picture hotkey (default: F11).

You can take multiple snapshots for a given frame size and switch through them all for an individual placed frame using the change picture hotkey.

Snapshots are specific to each save game.

Deleting Snapshots

If you hover over a frame with a snapshot currently set and press the delete hotkey (default: Delete), it will delete the snapshot file from the disk.

Creating Frames

You can use Dynamic Game Assets to create the frame furniture. The ID of the furniture must be unique.

You also need a Content Patcher pack to tell this mod about your frames. The Content Patcher syntax is as follows, e.g.:

 "Format": "1.23.0",
 "Changes": [
"Action": "EditData",
"Target": "custom_picture_frame_dictionary",
"Entries": {
"Action": "Load",
"Target": "MyPictureFrames/MyFrame16x32",
"FromFile": "assets/MyFrame16x32.png"

custom_picture_frame_dictionary is this mod's frame dictionary path. Entry keys should be the DGA furniture ID. Entry values are your made-up path used to tell Content Patcher which png file to use for the texture.

Note that you need the texture files twice, once in the DGA content pack and once in the Content Patcher pack.

The mod attempts to find and map transparent enclosed pixels to show the snapshot. All pixels within the frame texture that

a) are completely transparent, and
b) are a part of a group of enclosed transparent pixels

will be used to show the snapshot. If you have enclosed transparent parts that you don't want to be used to show the snapshot, you can set those pixels to any color with 1% opacity.

You can edit all the config variables using Generic Mod Config Menu, or editing the config.json file.


Requires SMAPI, uses Harmony.

Compatible with Mod Updater for automatic updates.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

A list of all my mods for Stardew Valley is available at