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This Mod Makes Dirt look like Grass on All Maps! Compatible with SVE, and Several Recolors. Toggleable locations

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This Mod puts a grass overlay with a slight transparency over dirt. so you get a slightly differently tinted grass.
(Aka, it looks like Grass, but for game purposes its still effectively Dirt)
This Means you Can still Till it, Trees and Grass will still Grow on it, And Artifact Spots will still Spawn on it! 

These changes to apply to every map, even though I Mainly put up photos of the town area.
Update: I added Toggleable locations so It may not apply to all of them anymore as I have to set up the options for each one. Let me know if You have a mod you'd like me to make it compatible with.

Currently Compatible With the Recolors Below (Note: This Mod does not provide the Base Recolor Files, You will still need to download them from their respective mod pages)
A Wittily Named Recolor
Project Yellog Recolor
Vibrant Pastoral Recolor

Starblue Edition is here -> Dirt to Grass Starblue Edition
(Have Sent a Request for Compatibility with DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolor)
(Have Sent a Request for Compatibility with Vamoosi's Rose/ier Colored Glasses)

If there is another recolor you'd like me to try to add, let me know and I will try to get into contact with them (If I haven't already) to get permission.

There is a Readme in the folder on how manually use the Config.json if you do not have Generic Mod Config Menu Installed.

You can technically do things like: set it to Yellog Purple, But actually Have Yellog Set to Rose (See Final Picture)
[Note there are some slight differences across recolors so they might not look as clean if you mix and match.]

Let Me know if you discover any oversights or Bugs! I will try to fix them Asap! [I Tested everything I could, but sometimes things slip through]