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A colorful update to the accessories mod Bits 'n' Bobs! Adds accessories as hats: glasses, hair clips, and earrings with NINE different colorways. Also, revamps the accessories tray with (configurable) blush, lipgloss, mascara and heterochromia. Requires Json Assets and Content Patcher.

Permissions and credits
Bits 'n' Bobs adds six new hats via Json Assets and revamps the accessories tray! I made this because I wanted accessories that look good on any skin tone, not just the lighter ones. Then I added hair clips, because I will never have enough hair clips.

Now in Technicolor:

This update to Bit 'n' Bobs is big enough to warrant its own mod because it adds six new colorways as well as additional blush overlays which makes it possible to mix and match accessories.

Want both mascara and blush? Not a problem. Want to match your shirt to your shoes and your shoes to your hairclip? Again, not a problem.

note: You can still download the original Bits 'n' Bobs here! As this mod adds onto the existing Bits 'n' Bobs, they will conflict if they're both installed. No worries! Just make sure to have one or the other.

Butterfly Clips
Claw Clip
Cross Earrings

1: Default
2-4: Matches eye color to hair.
4-6: Matches eyebrows/eyelashes to hair
7: Black eyelashes/eyebrows
8: Band-aid on the nose
9-11: Heterochromia–blue, green, and purple
12-15: Blush, slightly translucent to better match with skin tone.
16-19: Lipstick/gloss, slightly translucent to better match with skin tone.


Requires: SMAPI, Content Patcher & Json Assets. Non-negotiable.
Recommended: Customize Anywhere / Get Glam / CJB Item Spawner
Put it in your mods folder and start the game to generate a config file.
There you have four options:

Color, which determines the color of the hats.
Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple
Blush, toggle the blush overlay.
True & False
If Blush is enabled:
Shade, the brightness of the blush.
Fair, Medium & Deep
Undertone, the hue of the blush.
Warm & Cool

note: These config options only affect the colorway of the hats added by Json Assets as well as the toggle-able blush overlay. The accessories are identical across the board.

You can spawn in the hat via one of the "recommended mods" linked above or you can buy them from the hat mouse as usual. Okay, poke?


the name "Bits 'n' Bobs"
Dichotomy. Check out their super cute mods!

featured mods:

hair & shirts


Feel free to edit for personal use willy-nilly.

If publishing a recolor/edit:
Send me a message! I will probably say yes. My only conditions are: credit and link me to your new mod! I want to see what you made!
Please don't try and profit off of these, that's not fair to anyone.

questions? comments? concerns?

If you have any issues, report them to the bugs section on this page.
Anything else, add them to the posts or send me a private message.
I will happily take any suggestions for this mod or requests for a new one.

Also, feel totally free to add your own screenshots to the mod page!