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The Child is alone in the universe. It's time for the Mandalorian to draw the blaster.

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REQUIRES any character creation extender:

REQUIRES any character creation extender:

Boba Fett Returns Update

  • Boba Fett's armor, with Tusken robe

  • Mandalorian jetpacks

  • Gaderffii, or gaffi stick, a Tusken mace

  • Details/minor bug corrections

  • classic version of Boba Fett's armor has been published as a separate mod:

The Child is alone in the universe. It's time for the Mandalorian to draw the blaster.

This mod features

  • One mission, in the deserts of Arvala-7.

  • The Mandalorian, Din Djarin, as a playable race.

  • The Child, Grogu, both walking and inside his hover pod.

  • The Razor Crest, the Mandalorian's racial ship.

  • IG-11, a playable IG series assassin droid with pistols in two directions and his own custom Razor Crest.

  • A fast but dangerous Speeder bike, a Swoop bike imported from Tatooine.

  • Beskar, the Mandalorian helmet, the Armorer's helmet and several armor pieces.

  • Weaponry of the outer rim, including a wrist flamethrower.

  • Rock and dust blocks from the planet Arvala-7.

  • Evil E-11 and Scout Trooper armor, you can use a dye on it to add company colors.

  • Unlock the mission and craft items in the Mandalorian Forge.
  • - Craftable in the Inventor's Table


How to unlock the mission and Baby Yoda
If you are playing as the Mandalorian race or the IG series race, you will find a a hologram in your ship's cockpit. If playing as other races, you'll have to craft the hologram, called Mission Unlocker in the Mandalorian Forge and place it on the ground.

The man in the hologram will give you all the details about the mission.

After that, click your S.A.I.L computer (an orange screen near the cockpit), click "Missions". Select such mission, and click "Deploy".

Then you will be teleported to Arvala-7, and you will have to find the Child...

How to craft the items
No matter which race you are playing, you have to craft the Inventor's Table (its further upgrades also work).

Inside it, you will see the recipe of the Mandalorian Forge. Craft it, place it, and inside you'll find the items.

But not all... as you will unlock new recipes during the mission.

Mandalorians with custom hair can be created using Starbound's human race and wearing Mandalorian armors.

The Mandalorian race allows you to play exactly as the protagonist of the TV series Din Djarin.

Can you find the 4 Star Wars secrets?

Merry christmas!

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