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Ever wanted to feel yourself a Voron operative?
This mod brings Russian spy Kestrel into the game, adds new CZ75 pistol and gives Russian guns silencers to provide you with that option.

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Change list:

1) Changes Sam's head with Kestrel's practically everywhere, including Palladin HUB and dialogs.
2) Changes Honey Badger for VSS and G36 AR for AKS74U - in order to give Russian guns option to use silencer and be really playable in stealth action. 
3) Changes USP pistol for CZ75 (new, not seen in game before).
4) Swaps Nanofiber suit with Revenant (to be able to use Kestrel's Renegade suit without the need to play online to get it).
5) Gives balaclava to Raven suit to give some nostalgy for Denied Ops from Conviction (especially when it's servers are killed).

All changes are cosmetical and do not influence gameplay.

Extract the archive and put 3 files (armorpartlibrary.ini, PEC.ini, weaponconfiguration.ini) in Splinter Cell Blacklist\src\system folder.

- armorpartlibrary.ini changes suits,
- pec.ini changes heads,
- weaponconfiguration.ini changes weapons.

You can use them all or any of them separately for the changes you want to bring in your game.

1) Sam's Guam, Benghazi and Denver outfits still have Sam's head because I couldn't find the name of those meshes in game resources. If anybody managed to find them, I would be very much appreciated for any info on that and will try to add those outfits in Ops Suits roaster.