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  • Translation

    Translation files located in "Hotkeys System Mod Folder"/SKSE/Plugins/UIHS/Translate/

    There are premade 13 translation files in folder. Currently only english and korean translated.

    Open the file which you want to translate. and translate it like below.
    example for translate line 2)

    _NEW = 'New' 
    _NEW = 'Create'

    BTW, if your language is not based on latin alphabet like korean, japanese, chinese etc...
    You need to change the font to support your language glyph.

    Font located in "Hotkeys System Mod Folder"/SKSE/Plugins/UIHS/Fonts/NanumGothicBold.ttf
    Default font is 'NanumGothicBold.ttf' changed it to something else support your language.

    Once you changed your font need to it's file path ...

  • Adding own custom widget

    In this guide, We're adding new custom widget.

    First, prepare image to add. (The image file extension should be end with .dds) (Easy way convert to .dds)
    I'll add this new arrow icon.

    Move the image to "Hotkeys System Mod Folder"/interface/HotkeysSystem/UIHS/
    The path can be modified but should be start from HotkeysSystem/ at least. 

    Open Widgets.toml. It's located in "Hotkeys System Mod Folder"/SKSE/Plugins/UIHS/Widgets.toml

    To add new widget, We need to modify 'Custom_Widget' section on line 7. 
    Copy and paste the last of line In this section which is Line 47.
    Then edit like below. (Values and No...

  • (Article proposal) How to make Real Clouds work in any exterior worldspace (requires CK)

    Since Soolie seems to be AWOL and the mod has tight permissions only way to do this is by doing it yourself.
    I can write up on how to make Real Clouds work in any worldspace but I need 5 likes or comments on this first to see if there's actually any interest that will justify the effort:)...

  • Just a few patches made for use with BD's Armor and Clothing Replacer BHUNP V3 to fit the furry races from SkyFurry - A world overhaul

    these are just esp patches 

    installation instructions 

    install with desired mod manager (i recomend MO2 as thats what i use but should work fine with others havent tested other out so im not 100% on that)


  • Known Extended Cut conflicts (WIP)

    The following mods edit Thoron's NPC records, and are known conflicts.I will add mods to this list as I am made aware of them.

    -Power of Creation (

    -Morrowloot Ultimate 2.0d (


  • Happy game

    the juet Bodysulide

    At least one original mod is required

    Happy game :)...

  • Black Knife Tiche Armor Set

    Elden Ring Inspired armor, i started to play elden ring 2 weeks ago and i feel in love with the game i guess its great to replicate the armor. So far this is the best looking assassin armor, you guys may enchant the armor set if you guys want it to be immersive in your play through play as wood elf or redguard to give you 50% poison resist just like in elden ring npc, best is to put sneaking enchantment and archery for range assassin playstyle. Required Skyrim AE.Armor showcase and location:

  • Colorful Farm Gloves

    Added a couple of different color farm gloves, these gloves are standalone. Works on first person watch the video for details.Details:

  • HQ Steel Armors

    Polishes nord plate armor (steel plate) steel plate will be a little darker than vanilla but slightly more glossy. The steel armor will definitely more detail and glossy kinda lighter in color, it maybe hard to see the difference but if you put the two armor side by side with vanilla and mine you should see the difference. This is a replacer the mod is compatible with other steel mods created by different mod author.Showcase:

  • Honeystrand Meadery ru

    в общем если найдёте ошибки, и тому подобное пишите . А так же можете использовать файлы из мода как пожелаете . ...

  • bedroll1k

    warm, soft, fluffy :)...

  • How to merge your BodySlide preset with the Urta Schlong preset

    If you want to use the example Schlong shape, and want the schlong to match a body shape other than zeroed sliders, you'll need to do one of two things. Either generate a new BodySlide preset with the PowerShell script on the files tab for this mod, or modify the Urta Schlong.xml preset file. If you use MO2 to manage your mods, the script is the easiest way to do this.

    Generating the preset with Schlong Builder
    If you use Mod Organizer 2 to manage your mods, I've written a PowerShell script that will scan your MO2 folder for BodySlide presets, and will generate a brand new merged preset after a series of simple questions.

    Get a copy of the Shlong Builder PowerShell Script from the Miscellaneous files of this mods files page
    Extract the PowerShe...

  • barrel vanilla

    changed mesh vanilla to a more barrel shape, color cosmetics :)...

  • Alchemy Redone (0.1)

    Ingredient Effects Spreadsheet :

    Crafted potions have 1/10 value.
    All bought potions have fixed prices.
    Strength of crafted potions reduced at the beginning, but scales up with Alchemy level. At the start of the game, you can make potions as good as deficient tier, with standard ingredients (excluding common flowers and butterflies - those are weaker)
    Fortify Alchemy enchantment has lowered magnitude (up to 10% per slot).
    Duration of magnitude-based potions and poisons are rearranged, now having fixed duration depending on type, not by ingredients used or tiers in case of bought potions.
    Bought potions and poisons have fixed values, depending on usefulness...

  • Old (OHCF - WACCF Plus Patch) Description

    However, I'm not a fan of hiding mods, so I'll leave this up if someone needs this for some reason. I may change this into a OHCF patch page if I make any more patches in the future.

    Old Description:

    Forwards both the name changes from WACCF and the 1HCF keyword additions to bolts, in one of two ways.

    1H Crossbow Framework - WACCF+ Patch

    ESP Version

    ESPFE (esp marked as esl) patch. Choose this version if you are unsure or don't want to use KID.
    Requires: 1HCF + WACCF.

    Load Order:
    Weapons Armor Clothing & Clutter Fixes.esp



  • Animation mod compatibility

    Animation mod compatibility
    All animation mods that are enabled, will impose a minimum value for the global cooldown of this mod. The cooldown applied varies based on the length of the animations in the mods. It is deemed necessary, as using potions/poisons during an ongoing animation may lead to undesirable situations.

    The compatibility for Animated Potions should include all features of Animated Potions. This includes features like being staggered when hit while drinking a potion. The current MCM settings are respected.
    The compatibility has been established by adapting one of the scripts of Animated Potions. Due to this, this mod is required to override Animated Potions. Additionally, you need to activate the player animations in the MCM, o...

  • Narmwald CreationClub Goldbrand Replacer

    Replaces the Creation Club Goldbrand with Ronnie Magnums Narmwald Model.
    All credit goes to Ronnie Magnum.

    Requires CreationClub Goldbrand...

  • Dragon Combat Overhaul No More Player Ragdoll.

    I went to the Explosions tab, went through all the entries that DCO adds, and then I edited them so that they don't produce any force on the player....

  • Hi


  • Daegon's Mod Interactions

    Daegon's Mod Interactions

    Everything listed here is being worked on and upcoming.
    I will keep this article updated frequently.

    Daegon will have complete interactions & full banter with: 

    ♡ Serana Dialogue Add-On (SDA)

    ♡ Lucifer the Argonian

    ♡ Nebarra

    ♡ Inigo


    ♡ I'm Glad You're Here - Daegon has built-in dialogue when you hug her.

    to be decided

    Please leave all of your requests here! <3...