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  • HAle preset

    Tôi đã mất rất nhiều thời gian để tạo ra một cài đặt trước mà tôi thấy thú vị nhất, - Ai thích cài đặt trước mà tôi đã tạo có thể cho tôi 1 Thích: D để hỗ trợ tôi tạo động lực để tạo các cài đặt trước mới
    - Có câu hỏi về vấn đề lỗi bạn có thể Cmt bên dưới bài viết
    - Cảm ơn và tải về bài kiểm tra: D
    Hãy vui vẻ...

  • Shroud Hearth Barrow

    I have fix a few bugs and made a few changes add more loot an will be adding a new area soonish  if you see any glitch's or bugs let me know thanks for downloading and injoy....

  • MILR's Roadmap

    V 1.0 Initial Release
       .x Balancing feedback bugfixes
       .x Tempering
       .x Additional Reborn 'New' Items
       .X Final version touchups
    V 2.0 Lesser Relics
       .x Balancing feedback fixes
       .x Leveled Lists
       .x Tempering
       .x Additional Reborn 'new' Items
       .x Final Version touchups
    V 3.0 Oblivion Items
       .x Balancing feedback fixes
       .x Tempering
       .x 'Unoffical' relics
       .x Final Version touchups
    V 4.0 Morrowind Items
       .x Balancing feedback fixes
       .x 'Unoffical' relics
       .x Tempering 
       .x Final Version touchups
    V 5.0 Magic and Alchemy -MODULE-...

  • Understanding More Interesting Loot Reborn's Systems

    The Armor System

    It starts, with a magic effect entry, having it set thatfollows both conventional methods of an enchantment, that being  a casting Type of Constant, and a Delivery of Selfwith a set magnitude of 1
    All other settings can be set up set up to your digression,however what has to be set is the controller script, which is MLRArmorMagic
    The script does require a global, that is used to keep thecount of experience any item with the global named MLREvo
    What this script does, is tells the game that on every hit, runthe Chance to gain which willrandomly choose a number from 1 to 100 and if its below the set number it will
    add 1 to the MLREvo Global and when the Total Points and the MLREvo Global match, the script will have the Current Item be remo...

  • Arrivee de la version Skyrim SE

    Voici la version Skyrim Special Edition de mon mod Training Overhaul, en français.
    Amusez vous bien, et que ce mod puisse vous être utile....

  • The Skyrim SE version is here

    I finally bought the SE version of Skyrim. I just cannot let my mod not available, so i rewrote it for Skyrim Special Edition.

    The are two files : one for playing with Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, the other to play without.

    Enjoy !...

  • Main Discussion (Bugs and Suggestions)

    Please post your issues, bugs, suggestions and criticisms here. I'll do my best to resolve/reply to them....

  • Portals man

    Nothing cooler than sticking your finger in some trans-dimensional portal...

  • Thieves' Den

    So...Another house mod...

  • More storage for your player homes.

    I wanted more storage for my player homes, so, I built it.  This is my first mod for any game, so, I kept it fairly simple.  I have just one room with everything in it.  I would have liked to add more and more rooms, but, I couldn't figure out how to do some things.  I might add them in later.  Don't hold your breath on that though....

  • James Roberto

    James Roberto's preset...

  • Formulas used by Skyrim for the encahnting system

    Enchantment related game settings

    fEnchantingSkillCostMult = 3
    fEnchantingCostExponent = 1.1
    fEnchantingSkillCostBase = 0.005
    fEnchantmentPointsMult = 0.12
    SoulGemCharges (Petty/Lesser/Common/Greater/Grand=Black) = 250/500/1000/2000/3000
    fEnchantmentEffectPointsMult = 8
    fEnchantingSkillFactor = 1.25

    General formulas

    Player Enchanted Weapons Magnitude = BaseEnchatementMagnitude *(1 + MinSkill/MaxSkill * (fEnchantingSkillFactor - 1) * PerksMultipliers * FortifyEnchantingEffects * SliderModifier

    Player Enchanted Armor Magnitude = BaseEnchatementMagnitude *(1 + MinSkill/MaxSkill * (fEnchantingSkillFactor - 1) * PerksMultipliers * FortifyEnchantingEffects * SoulGemUsedCharges/GrandS...

  • Lost Snowy Shack Bug Report

    Please list bugs and issues here and I will work on them!...

  • Attractive Males Of Skyrim

    A small mod that changes the appearance to some of the males in skyrim, it's just a start that i'm kind of trying out. All males were changed to look as close to the original lore friendly versions as possible (while still being attractive). ...

  • Today a new version is being brought online

    Due to computer problems, the development of this mod comes to a stop, so 4.0.0 is currently the latest version. Sorry

    Waited long enough, today a new version is coming online, it will support even more races and also contain 2 Quests.

    Why did it take so long ?

    A few people had signed up for a translation but I lost contact ... so I decided to do it without.

    I also want to apologize for my bad english, You can always send me an e-mail. ([email protected])...

  • Serio's Enhanced Dragons Redone - Description

    Serio’s Enhanced Dragons Redone

    Serio’s Enhanced Dragons Redone aims to make dragon battles in Skyrim more intense by adding stat tweaks, AI enhancements, multi-dragon fights, boss dragons, and new powerful shouts. The mod is built with compatibility in mind to work alongside other dragon mods. Most of the mod’s features can be configured via SkyUI’s MCM (SKSE required).



    AI enhancements: Dragons are now faster, their attack patterns are more random, they remain on the ground so long as it is advantageous, and they stay closer to the player.
    Stat Tweaks: Dragons have increased health, damage/magic resistance, and attack/shout damage. (MCM)
    Stagger Poise: Dragons are now resistant to stagger depe...

  • Tutorial - How to build a Widget from scratch aka modding the Skyrim UI

    This tutorial will, more or less, teach you how to create a basic widget with Flash tools. Prepare for a long, long journey!
    Let's begin:
    1. Setting up the necessary tools
    You will need Adobe Flash tools, this is inevitable. Tools like Trilix, SWiX or Sothink are good for basic 'code hacking', but not for serious development of Flash elements. You can download Sothink Decompiler to speed up decompilation and do basic stuff on .swf/.gfx files though. To create Widgets from scratch, I recommend using Flash CS6, to modifie existing .swf/.gfx I recommend * using Flash CS4. You will need to keep in mind, that if you compiled/decompiled a file with either CS6 or CS4, you will need to recompile it with the same tool version. If you, for example, deco...

  • Master of Disguise v1.4 Patch Notes

    Next week, I plan to release Master of Disguise v1.4. In this update, you can expect the following changes.

    Upcoming Changes

    Added subtle visual feedback to indicate suspicion
    Added Nord race bonus to Werewolves disguise
    Added missing Ring of the Silver Hand to Silver Hand NPCs
    Added missing Shield flag to Redoran Guard's Shield
    Fixed issue where incorrect BSA flags could cause game to crash (workaround for game bug)
    Fixed issue where indirectly unequipping disguises could cause game to freeze (workaround for game bug)
    Optimized disguise activation
    Optimized disguise conflict detection

    Optimized disguise score calculation
    Optimized faction membership tracking

    Removed non-playable items from ...

  • SSE Conversion

    Hello, this is my first mod and I decided to post this since I personally couldn't decide between using Death Alternative with the new Reincarnation feature or Enaisaion's amazing mods. This way, you don't have to decide! I will convert the other individual plugins later this week. Please let me know if there's anything wrong with the file :)...

  • Books Of The Vigilants

    I quick mod to add a missing bit of lore. Brother Adalvald's journals on ancient vampire artifacts and burial sites are said to have been stolen from the Hall of Vigilants by the vampires when you talk to Isran. However, if you visit the Hall of Vigilants before this the journals are nowhere to be found. These journals are not in the game.

    In fact, the Hall of Vigilants, prior to the vampire attack, is surprisingly lacking in books on the Daedra, vampires, necromancers, and conjurors. This mod fixes this by adding the missing books to the Hall of Vigilants.

    After starting Dawnguard, the Hall of Vigilants will be ransacked and burned, the books stolen, so you need to get the books before starting Dawnguard.

    Dawnguard is not needed to load this mod and it ...