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  • SAO Sword Skill Pack - SSE

    This mod packages together Elysees "Stinger," "Rapid Slash," and "Tempest" and renames them to "Vorpal Strike," "Deadly Sins," and "Starburst Stream" in that order, and changes their descriptions accordingly.

    These are simple modifications of the original mods, so they function the same way. Once you install the mod, you will find that Vorpal Strike, Deadly Sins, and Starburst Stream have been added to your Lesser Powers.

    The skills were all created by Elysees, while the Tempest animation was done by Gomachaum. I just packed them together and renamed/re-described them.

    Links to Original Mods:

    Stinger and Rapid Slash:


  • Legacy v5 FAQ Archive

    This is a repository for issues previously maintained in the Legacy FAQ for v5, but have been fixed at least two updates of the mod ago and are now retired from that page.  It is provided here as a courtesy for "update stragglers" and as an archive for the Legacy team.

    Visage of the Dragonborn - armor not working
    This has been fixed in v5.0.32 of Legacy. If you updated the mod around V5.0.32 and the armor abilities no longer apply, simply use the dragonsoul forge to convert the set to another weight and then back again and the set will once again function. You will have to re-apply any custom enchantments and tempering, but the scripted abilities will once again apply properly.

    Byron comes out of nowhere and starts Shattered Legacy
    This has been fixed ...

  • Old list (1.5)

    I didn't want to delete the old list so I'm keeping a copy here. Still compatible with patch 1.5. until some of the mods included has any major update. 

    SKSE Resources

    SKSE - download the one for SSE, extract in your main game folder

    SKSE64 ini pre-download for lazy users

    Address Library for SKSE Plugins

    Main Patches and Fixes

    SSE Engine Fixes - to instal, follow the direction on the mod page. 
    Optional - open EngineFixes.ini and set as follow: 
      * RegularQuicksaves = false  ->  RegularQuicksaves = true (to have quicksaves as regular saves)
      * SleepWaitTime = false  ->  SleepWaitTime = true (to speed up the sleep/wait time)

    .Net Script Framework - NB while downlo...

  • Cutting Room Floor - Vietnamese

    Bản patch tiếng Việt cho Cutting Room Floor...

  • AAAHouse WIP

    WIP coc aaahouse...

  • KaptainCnucklz's Unofficial Unplayable Faction Armors SSE Patch Hub

    This is my semi-official patch hub* for the patches that I've made for Unplayable Faction Armors SSE with other various mods.

    In no particular order:

    Unplayable Faction Armors - USSEP and WACCF Patches (Retired**)
    Interesting NPCs SE - Unplayable Faction Armors Patch - Flagged ESL (See Miscellaneous Files)
    Unplayable Faction Armors - Divine and Daedric Cloaks Patches
    Unplayable Faction Armors - Divine Cloaks (Distributed) Patches
    Unplayable Faction Armors - Heritage Reflexive Enemies Patch
    Unplayable Faction Armors - Keeper Carcette Survives Patch
    Unplayable Faction Armors - OBIS SE and OBIS Loot SE Patches
    Unplayable Faction Armors - VIGILANT Voiced English Addon Patch
    Unplayable Faction Armors - Improved Ba...

  • Upcoming Changes For 1.1.5

    Upcoming Changes For 1.1.5

    For this patch I plan on attempting to do something about fixing bugs, cleaning up spells for better performance, and any other issues that exist rather than focusing on new things, though there may be a few new things added. This update will probably require a new game or the use of a save cleaner such as ReSaver from Fallrim Tools.

    - Removed redundant conditions and magic effects from several spells to increase overall performance.

    - Added in a missing texture to one of twiggy's spells.

    - Fixed the attack speed debuffs that some pets possessed.

    - Magic damage debuffs were changed from debuffing the enemy to buffing surrounding allies magic resistance.

    Lowering magic damage without using...

  • Thanks

    Thank you for commenting on about this and giving me your feel back
    as I'm not a writer your feed back is help full to me 

    I hope that the info i give is helpful to some one as i was writing this for a friend, for when i started out modding i had not way to know 
    and not many explanations for me to find 


  • Troubleshooting

    Please feel free to ask if you have any questions, or issues with my mod. If you are having trouble getting Skyrim SE to work with your ultrawide monitor, perhaps I can help with that as well. Some notes though:

    You must have an ultrawide monitor (21:9 ratio)
    You must use a mod or 3rd party utility to make Skyrim SE work with your monitor (without letterbox)
    This mod will be compatible with any mod, so long as it doesn't touch the intro logo file.


  • Features

    Please recommend new sliders.bodyparts and mods here....

  • Automatic Ore Mining etc. for non-English languages

    Currently, looting of some item types relies on strings in the interface/translations files. If you do not run in English, and find the following not working, autoloot can be kickstarted by a simple edit to those files.

    critters (fish, butterflies)
    flora (crops and plants)
    oreVein (mining targets - including geodes and heartstones
    manual Loot targets like Legacy of the Dragonborn excavation sites

    Here's an example of the change that a user kindly made to get this working in French:

    Edit this English version in SmartHarvestSE_english.txt:


    to rea...

  • Tutorial: how to make patches for location mods

    If you have mods that add new wells to locations old and new, you might like to have them work as well. While I'll be making patches for mods I use myself (provided there's no permission issue), I cannot make them for each and every existing mod. This tutorial, however, is for those who want to make their own, hoping to make the task as easy as possible. It's thought to be beginner-friendly, so more experienced modders might find some information reduntant - but I'd rather bore the hell out of advanced users than taking too much for granted and leaving others at loss. If you think something is missing or have any question, feel free to ask.

    1) - Launch the Creation Kit. Open Data (the yellow folder) and select two plugins: WaterfromWells and whatever else you want to patch (in ...

  • Installing Updating and Uninstalling


    Simply download and install with your favourite mod manager, and make sure to load it after any mods that make changes to Silent Moons Camp, if you want this mod's changes to be applied.

    Alternatively you can manually install it into your data folder, however that is not recommended.


    If you are using a mod manager, download the new file and select "Replace" when prompted to.

    If you are downloading it manually, delete the old LunarWeaponsReborn.esp file and install the new one.


    I DO NOT recommend installing or uninstalling mods mid-save, but you can remove the patch with your mod manager or by manually removing the file:

    I AM NOT re...

  • Sorry

    Sorry, due to personal reasons (Nothing to worry about) i will not be able to work on mods as effectively as before for a few days - so it may take longer for responses, patches, and other....

  • Configuring Collections


    Q. I enabled Collections in the MCM but nothing is visible.
    A. The default SHSE installation is conservative and does not install Collection Groups for plugin load. Check out The Basics item 3. for how to move them to the right location.

    Q. I installed the Examples and they still don't work.
    A. Collections inevitably depend on a particular Load Order. The Examples are primarily informational, though they may work all or in part out of the box depending on what you have installed. For example, the LoTD Collection Group file for Museum Displays in Collections/ExamplesSHSE.Collections.LoTD.json references LoTD Patches Merged.esp from my Load Order. The 'base" LoTD Collections from LegacyoftheDragonborn.esm will probably work but the displays for its...

  • BBLS Extensions are introduced in version 2.0 of the BBLS_SKSE64_Patch.

    New features in BBLS_SKSE64_Patch version 2.0


    1.  Extensions exist to extend certain BBLS features/abilities to other locations in Skyrim.  For some locations, it is quite a bit.  For others, it is hardly any.

    2.  An entirely new page in the MCM has been dedicated to extensions.

    3.  Extensions must be enabled via MCM.  You can turn them on and off.

    4.  Extensions honor other MCM options.  For example, if you turn off bed-stripping, it will disable bed-stripping for BBLS plus all extensions.

    5.  IMPORTANT!!!  Mods that heavily alter a location will not work correctly without a patch.  If the beds were replaced correctly (using ctrl-F in the CK) and the beds were not moved, a patch will not be requi...

  • Details of how the patcher converts items in your load order.

    When weapons/ammo are being processed, the patcher looks up their keywords and searchers for a keyword match from weapons.json to decide what tier/type of weapon it should be converted to.

    Materials and tiers are based off waccf progression. Pretty much every ranged weapon, ammunition, and projectile(if arrow/bolt) in your load order will get patched according to the criteria defined in this file.

    The keywords are processed as follows: (See Weapons.json)

    Shortbows and Light Crossbows: 
    Tier 1:
    Tier 2:
    Tier 3: