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  • Rangers of Lore - The Chosen

    The 3rd in a series of follower mods, dedicated to those who inspire them.I present, Master Nesbit of The People of Skyrim. No greater influence has been bestowed upon me, than to be able to work together with, what I consider to be, the most gifted and brilliant mind in the Skyrim modding community. Thus, this is a very small way to repay his kindness, generosity and vision. I encourage you all to visit his Nexus page, endorse his mods as well as drop a little thank you message. He has won over the hearts of many.

    Master Nesbit, the Chosen, is a unique member of the Greybeards. He can only be unlocked after visiting the monastery and learning the second word of Unrelenting Force. When you visit the courtyard, be sure to take in ALL your surroundings ;)

    He is essent...

  • Tonics Heal Over Time

    A few people have asked me to make restoration potions heal over time, and I just recently figured out how to do it in a highly compatible way. Check out Tonics Heal Over Time.

    You can use these mods together as long as you load Tonics Heal Over Time after Crafting Skills Revamped. It's such a small mod that I may just upload it as an optional file on this page as well, but in the meantime, you can grab it from its page....

  • Report Bugs Here

    Just as title says. Report any and all bugs you find with the mod here. If you are using other mods that might affect the follower, list them as well. ...

  • SAFO Bashed Patch Fix

    For some reason, Wrye does not forward SAFO's Leveled Items records correctly.  While there may be an easy way to address that (if so, please do tell, I believe the right Bash Tags are present), it is also enough to load this ESPFE after your Bashed Patch.  

    For your convenience and understanding, I have included a screenshot of the entire Patch below.


  • Loose Animation Reference

    So this is just here for the FAQ, it's what each animation file in the "Skyrim\Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations\NAR" folder reference

    What each animation relate to it's a bit complicated due to the way FNIS works with animations groups, things are all over the
    Rapier animations start with "NAR0_1hm_", "NAR0_Sneak_1hm", "NAR0_dw1hm1hm_" and "NAR0_mlh_" also
    "NAR0_1hmlefthand_attackpowerforwardsprint.hkx" is part of the Rapier
    1hm group, There's no block animations for the Rapier
    For the left hand dagger parrying with a Vanilla or no weapon in Right
    hand, there's only two animations:  "NAR1_dw1hm1hmblockbash.hkx"
    and "NAR1_dw1hm1hmblockbashintro.hkx"

  • FAQ

    If you're having animation, install, or other issues with my mod check out my other article A few fixed for common issues

    Q: I don't like certain weapons can I download them separately
    A: Download the Scripted Levelled list version then in the MCM menu you can turn weapons and features on and off

    Q: Are your weapons effected by perks/Which perks do your weapons use
    A: All my weapons benefit from vanilla perks
     Rapiers get Sword perks
     Pikes get Great sword Perks
     Halberds get 2 Handed Axe Perks
     Quarter Staffs get War hammer Perks
     Claws get Dagger Perks
    Whips get Mace Perks

    Q: Weapon's hit boxes don't match the weapo...

  • Bugs

    My first mod so bug report will be good...

  • Version

    Original Upload.
    spell name changed
    add a version for alduin quest
    spell id changed (sorry fo that but i have to mantani my mod organised, i'm almost sure that this will be the first and last time that i will do this)

  • ASLAO- Breezehome Front Porch - Open Cities Patch

    Patch to allow the new Front Porch to work with the "Open Cities" Mod.  Big thanks to user: VexenDeimos for making it!...

  • I just made this nexus thing

    So I dont really know what Im doing...

  • Bugs and Issues

    Here you can report your issues, the issues in this article should not be taken too seriously unless I take them over to the bug's tab....

  • Update 4

    -Added Methamphetamine, and Heisenberg blue meth
    -Created recipe for crafting honeycomb from the former redundant sugar item found in hearthfire chests (the chest near your buildable houses). You can now grow sugar to craft honeycomb to then craft a different sugar that has more uses.
    -Merged Hammerfell cocaine into skyhighrim extended.esp
    -Merged assets from Skooming Skyrim to make heisenberg blue meth in all it's glory
    -Changed a few expensive item recipes to add more depth
    More changes to be expected later on....

  • content

    汉化工作内容:1.以内大爷的ANK词条汉化版为基础,在此汉化文本的基础上,对专有名词进行了转化,使得ANK词条专有名词全部转化为了汤镬词条专有名词.2.对原文本中出现的几处错译和误译问题进行了修正.3.对原文本中不统一的与战斗系统有关的专业术语进行了名词统一.比如 health 现在统一翻译为 生命或生命值 ,stamina 现在统一翻译为 体力或体力值,Magicka 现在统一翻译为 法力或法力值,magic resistance 现在统一翻译为 魔法抗性,等等.4.对MOD新出现的人名的音译进行了修正,确保人名是按正确的读音进行翻译的.比如:Parmion 根据英文正确读音,翻译为 “帕米恩“Thracius 根据正确的英语发音,翻译成“瑞瑟斯”(虽然...

  • Rough guide on creating compatibility patches

    I really need to get around to creating proper guide on this, it's changed a bit from the early days

    My mod(NewArmoury.esp) needs to be a master of your mod/patch, this is easily done with XEdit
    You need to give the weapon the correct keywords plus animation type

    Quarter Staffs need the "WeapTypeQtrStaff" keyword and the animation type of "TwoHandAxe"
    Halberds need the "WeapTypeHalberd" keyword and the animation type of "TwoHandAxe"
    Pikes need the "WeapTypePike" keyword and the animation type of "TwoHandSword"
    Rapiers need the "WeapTypeRapier" keyword and the animation type of "OneHandSword"
    Claws need the "WeapTypeClaws" keyword and the animation type of "Dagger"

    The Above is how you get my animations playing on your weapo...

  • A few fixes for common issues

    Install issues, Animations not working issues

    This is not a defacto guide for problem solving but here's some thing to try
    if you're having some issues with animations not playing etc

    Someone had an issue where they had an older version of Vortex which downloaded
    a corrupted version of my mod, make sure your Mod manager's are up to

    You need SKSE and SkyUI for my mod to work

    Did you install the mod correctly? there needs to be a NAR folder in your Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations folder

    Make sure the Mod is turned on in the MCM menu

    Make sure the Quest is running via the console commands, you can try
    restarting the quests to fix this, type the following into the co...

  • hope you like it if you don't well don't download it

    assassin's creed fan rejoice we may not get an assassin's creed sequel put we can always mode the hell out of other games to make are imaginary squeals  ...

  • Installation Instructions


    This simple tutorial will cover how to enable soul absorption for an NPC of your choice. As an example, we’ll add the effect to Durnehviir.

    The Basics

    So, what do we actually need to do? First of all, install the mod. If manually, unpack the archive into your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder. Enable the mod and put it near the bottom of your load order – right before any bashed patches and ASIS (those should always be dead last). Now, let’s get started:

    1. Open SSEEdit and locate SoulAbsorbNPC.esp. You can click on the EditorID tab to sort alphabetically. This is all the mod contains:

    2. Find the plugin with the NPC you want. In this case the NPC is Durnehviir, so we need to find Dawnguard.esm...

  • Hi

    Anything you need to say, put here! <3...

  • Choose Your Own Arch-Mage Dev Log

    Core Script
    Status: DONE
    This is the script that handles changing the player and the chosen NPC's factions and ranks, giving your chosen Arch-Mage their robes and key, and setting them up with their new schedule.  (The player will get to keep their key and robes.)

    Status: DONE
    Once Arch-Mage, the NPC will be given a new schedule which includes sleeping and sandboxing in the Arch-Mage's quarters, and touring the various College locations.

    Status: DONE
    The biggest challenge in producing this mod is setting up dialog with 13 NPCs to allow the player to ask any of them if they'd like to be Arch-Mage. This involves hunting for suitable lines to edit and them forming the player's dialogue prompts around the possib...