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  • Installation and Compatibility

    Load ICOW BEFORE OCOW. This is very important or the whole mod will be a mess.
    DO NOT load OCW_CellSettings.esp. All cell settings are included in this patch.
    This mod should be towards the end of your load order with other compatibility patches as it is a patch at its core.


    I am in the process of creating patches for this and verifying which existing ones will work.

    Like I wrote in the description: If a patch exists for both mods, figure out what room or object(s) it edits. Load the patch for the "base" mod of that room after the other mod's patch. In some cases, only one patch will be required. If you're not sure, load the patch for Obscure's after the one for ICOW. 


  • Argos - A Skyrim Follower Mod

    Extremely Basic Argonian Follower...

  • Dyudyaev-Kun

    Hello Nexus...

  • Compatibility Guide for Mod Authors

    This mod makes use of a number of injected records that other mods can reference in order to make compatibility between the mods automatic. If you use SSEEdit to copy those records as overrides into your mod, you can reference them without making a specific patch between the mods. See the notes below for how different types of mods can be made compatible.

    Clothing Mods
    Relevant injected records:


    To make your clothing craftable at a loom, create a crafting recipe using the loom keyword. You can use the thread item for your recipe as well. If you have another recipe that you want to disable, you can also make use of the injected global variable. The global is initially set to 0 and ...

  • SSE conversion hope you like

    LE follower made by Me! for SSE...converted by me!...

  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE - Turkish Translation 2.15

    Bekçi Diyaloğu Revizyonu SE Türkçe Çevirisidir
    2.15 sürümü ile uyumludur 
    endorse unutmayın !...

  • Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE - Turkish Translation 2.15

    Guard Dialogue Overhaul SE - Türkçe Çevirisidir 
    2.15 sürümü ile uyumludur
    Endorse Unutmayın!...

  • MCM Menu Settings

    It's been brought to my attention that using the pre-existing save game may not be an ideal solution for all users, so in the interest of making sure the mod list is accessible to everyone I'm going to provide a list here of the most important MCM menu settings to get the proper experience.

    Once you have all the required mods installed you can start a new game. You'll see a couple pop up menu's, just click either "ok" or "do nothing" to pass those menu's. You will see all the mod notifications in the upper left corner of your screen. Wait about a minute and then go into your MCM menu to start setting things up. Once you complete the setup make a save file, this will serve as your master save file in case you have to start a new game so you don't have to reset the MCM's each tim...

  • Titania BodyPreset

    This is the bodypreset that i use on my game plays i find it a natural curvy look nothing to crazy
    this body is the same as my follower mod Titania uses ...

  • Unexpected Catastrophe

    Being the supremely talented person that I am, I managed to nuke my Skyrim installation.

    My computer, ancient and loyal creature that it is, has been running low on memory. I had an epiphany: Destroy all the installation files kept by the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) since 2016. I have not actually used NMM in years, preferring instead to go back to my manual roots hailing from my Sims Series days, but there was still quite a lot to smite and purify.

    For those who don't know, NMM likes to hold your game hostage if you have the audacity to sweep into its precious archives and delete the files yourself. Again, these are merely the rar files hosting material that was installed years ago. Why should these huge rar files be unable to be deleted?


  • Artaeum's Trading Post

    bje SSE Mod assets are used in this mod.All the other atgssets in this file belong to the current author.-Credited Testers thagt made this mod possible:
    All the players that help create this wonderful mod.
    PS Tester & Modder - Trip_Trol_Tribe

    Saves in the interiors will be at risk. This mod is a work in progress, W.I.P. Publishing this mod was intending for easy search access. Thank you for your patience.

    Things left
    Armor heavy to light armor
    Light armor to heavy conversions

    Join Us On Discord!
    Description:A shop for those who enjoy the finer things on the go.
    The Artaeum's Trading Post is a one stop workshop. We offer, 24-hour merchants, specialized crafting stations for soul...

  • Titania is a priest of Vaermina Follower

    Titania is a priest of vaermina 
    There's many priests on Skyrim but Vaermina sims to have a small lack of them

    Titania is a breton spellsword nothing more sexy than a small girl with a big bound sword

    She can be found inside of the drunken huntsman in Whiterrun 

    Titania spell list : Bound Sword • Summon Fire Atronach • Iron Slesh • Bound Bow

    Note: titania isn't an OP follower she starts at lvl 7 so if you pick her early the game will still be balanced(ish) 

    Titania is my very first mode so go easy on me ;)...

  • Informations

    This is just patch for living version Heroes of Sovngarde affected by Men of Winter. On Sovngarde version of this patch - or patch, that sends textures from living version of Heroes of Sovngarde affected by Men of Winter, to death version without black face bug is still in progress... But it will be on very long time...

    But if someone will know how to do it this, so go on :)...

  • Resetting interiors.

    So, you have a mod that alters a cell, and the interior is unfortunately is a mess with objects clipping through other objects.
    This may be because of a mid game addition, or an accident.

    Warning, resetting interiors should not be done lightly

    Make sure you have no active quests that are associated with the cell(s) in question.

    In this example, we are using the unfortunate problem with my 1.51 update to Wind District Breezehome - Reborn, which caused many issues due to a save quirk when I was updating it.

    If you are having this problem, strip your player home completely.  In this case, all displays and storage in Wind District Breezehome - Reborn, Attic, Main House, and Basement, including plants.  Make sure to remove everything, I ca...

  • note

    Janquel post. Just pasted it here so i don't forget about it.

    Just want to chime in and say from the screens that this looks like a really nice expansion for Windhelm, which is probably the city in vanilla which needs it the most. Are those sketches your own, or going back to art from the planning stages of Skyrim? :)

    Also, I'm not MAKING patches (at least right now - zero way to get this into my current game and I'm coming up on level 60 now, so not abandoning that :P), but I got curious enough to download and check with a quick once-over (largely not bothering with checking in CK at this point so it's not the MOST thorough), so if you want to toss it in the compatibility notes:

    Spoiler:  Show
    - Deadly Dragons, PCE, and USSEP all have Location K...


    below in the description of the mods there are some others I'll add them now, in the requirements I put the most important ones, going down the
    page under the picture I put there is all the list of mods that I'll
    update now ...

  • Moegliche Probleme mit Pfadnamen durch Default Installation von Skyrimn SE

    Hinweis zur Installation - Länge von Pfaden und Bezeichnungen
    Wie öfters, wenn Ressourcen von Skyrim LE nach SSE importiert werden, sind dabei Files mit sehr langen Namen und noch längeren Pfaden. Das liegt daran, dass seinerzeit Skyrim noch ohne Steam war und damit die Stringlänge von 254 Zeichen weiter ausgeschöpft werden konnte.

    Beim Konvertieren von Modulen aus Skyrim nach Skyrim SE bleiben diese Stringlängen aber und können leicht die Grenze sprengen, weil durch Win10 und Steam - je nach Installationsart - ca. 50 Zeichen oder mehr für den Pfad vor /Data/ blockiert werden.

    Das betrifft vor allem diejenigen die die übliche Installation von Skyrim SE mit Steam unverändert übernommen haben und der dämlichen Windows-Defaultplatzierung.

  • Logging Configuration

    v3.7.0.15 adds logging configuration, to reduce the amount of text logged during data load and normal running. The amount of logging is controlled by the system environment variable SmartHarvestSELogLevel.

    If you are running Skyrim SE from MO2, changes to the environment variable will not be picked up until MO2 restarts. I assume the same is true for Vortex or other mod managers.

    Valid values are:

    0 = Trace
    1 = Debug
    2 = Info
    3 = Warning
    4 = Error (this is the default)
    5 = Critical
    6 = Off

    On Windows 10, open the UI for Environment Variables in Control Panel as shown below:

    then click on the Advanced tab, and select Environment Variables, and enter the value you wish to us...

  • Walkthrough (SPOILERS)

    Play 'The Forsworn Conspiracy' like normal. If you have high enough speech you can persuade Eltrys to take a hands off approach, which will mean you don't get as much or any gold from him but he survives

    When the guards try to arrest you, you can either fight them, intimidate them into leaving you alone, pull rank on them if you have finished the main quest or civil war, or go to Cidhna mine and do 'Noone escapes Cidhna mine'. if you persuade them they won't immediately try and arrest you but whenever you go to markarth they will try to arrest you as in vanilla. Alternatively you can avoid the guards and leave Markarth, which will finish 'The forsworn Conspiracy', and start the next quest. The guards will still try and arrest you next time they see you.

    If you choos...

  • If there's a beta

    I'm not sure if there will ever be a beta version, which I only intend to start when a building system start to get implemented. A system similar to purchased houses with progressive stages; ie: to get NE wall go to to Anga's or Mixwater Mill to order 40 small trees, give Gjalund Salt-Sage 500 gold then wait a week....