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  • Adds Dremora Lords As City Mercenaries

    Added three powerful level dremora lords as a city mercenaries, these dremora lords level up with the player all the way to one hundred. Starting level at twenty no grayface here or crashes compatible with almost any mods you have owned. They are vigilant faction, none hostle npc but will attack any vampires, daedra, bandits on sight or unless you attack them. Its just a small overhaul for players role playing as daedra perfect for them.Perks They Have:• Bladesman • Hack and Slash• Champion's Stance • Limbsplitter
    • Deep Wounds • Savage Strike
    • Devastating Blow • Tower of Strength
    • Fighting Stance.Showcase:

  • Patching SOS addons or Creating new addons for TNG

    This is a step by step guide for patching SOS addons for TNG. This article assumes you know the basics for using SSEEdit (also known as xEdit). The guide would walk you through patching male addons as well as female addons for TNG. In the guide we talk about addons, i.e. extra genitalia/pubic hair to be distributed to NPCs as well as armor addons (the ARMA record type). To avoid confusion I refer to armor addon as "AA" in the rest of the guide and use "addon" for genitalia addons.
    The guide can also be used to create new addons for TNG. I would go through it as if we are patching an existing SOS addon for TNG, but reading it would also show you how to create your own new addons for TNG.

    First you should be aware of the way that the addons interact with...

  • Tezya Update delayed

    Hey everyone, I am sorry to announce that Tezya's update is being postponed until I can rewrite him alongside Isadore. I am rewriting him at some point to line up better with Isadore and so that he makes sense in his backstory. His personality is not changing or his class as an Altmer healer. He will be getting a deep dive into who he is and who he was. It may take more than a year until I can get Tezya off the ground again. He may be relaunched at that point.

    Planned features

    A complete Reboot and Relaunch! The core story is being changed

    Relationship system where if you say certain things, it will increase your points. Points earned will unlock how much he likes you or opens up to you.
    I'm glad you're here integration
    Adding quests...

  • Announcing a Isadore Reboot

    Hey everyone! I wanted to sort of announce that Isadore is getting a complete rewrite. His story will be changed to make sense according to lore maps and timelines. I'm doing a deep dive and putting a lot more thought into the characters this time. They are both being rebuilt from the ground up. Their personalities are staying the same, but many parts of the core story are changing. Isadore is being rewritten while I do another project as well.  You can expect more things to be explained and expanded upon. I will not divide my attention too much, as I did when creating Isaerion and Tezya at the same time. I am dedicating certain days to a character, then moving on to the next. You all can expect the new Isadore maybe by the end of this year or next year. Until then, Isadore is staying up ...

  • Meet Gelebor The Ultimate Knight Paladin Follower

    Knight-Paladin Gelebor is one of the last known Snow Elves alongside his brother, Arch-Curate Vyrthur, in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. He has served as a sentinel and Knight-Paladin at the Chantry of Auri-El for thousands of years. Now he can be your follower, he is a clone of the original gelebor no gray face.Race: Snow ElfGender: Male
    Level: 15-100 (Levels With Player)
    Combat Type: Dremora Melee
    Armor: Ancient Falmer Cuirass, Ancient Falmer Boots and Ancient Falmer Gauntlets.
    Weapons: Prelate's Mace, Prelate Dagger, Auriel's Bow.
    Marriageable: No
    Mortality: Essential.Location and showcase:

  • Sforzinda Imitations HIMBO Conversion

    Himbo conversion for Sforzindas mod Imitations...

  • Discussion

    Feel free to discuss about the mod....

  • Listes des patchs disponibles

    Patchs divers

    Bandit Lines Expansion - Dark Elf Voices Non inclus
    Fearsome Fists
    Lawbringer - Rift Watchtower
    Nilheim BQ Fix
    Robber's Gorge Fixes Non inclus

    Patchs de PNJs et listes nivelées

    aMidianBorn Armor Variants Lite Non inclus
    CC Alternative Armors - Quest Removal Enchanted Variants and Proper Distribution for Thaumaturgy Non inclus
    Fashions of the Banditry Non inclus
    Lost Races of Aetherius - Sea Elf Addon
    NordWarUA's Race Armor Expansion
    Open World Loot Non inclus le patch OWL-Vanilla
    Redguard Elite Reintegration
    Tamrielic Distribution
    Toxic - A Venom Mod Non inclus

    Révisions de PNJs


  • Female Soldier Anely Face Preset

    The character of my own Dragonborn.A Nord preset of Racemenu.
    Here are the Mods I used in game:          Racemenu,            Demoniac_Texture (SG style).       Lovely Makeup,      Fabulous MakeupKS Hairdos - HDT SMP (Physics),      Multi Colored Hair for KS v2.0.          SC - KS Hairdos Retextured - Physics,             SG brows,        SG Female Eyebrows - Improved,         SkFO SE -Skin Feature Overlays            Xing Dint999 SMPClothes: Forgotten Princess             Mulan & Deliciously Bride & COCO Lingerie & Battle Angels  & Joan Of Arc       Dark Witch Armor          Tera Armor...

  • I4 Weapon Icons Overhaul - Icon Preview

    I4 Weapon Icons Overhaul

    Icons included in I4 Weapon Icons Overhaul as of v2.2:


    x, Shuriken, Unarmed, Dagger, Claw, Kunai, RevDagger, Sai, Sword, Katana,

    Lightsaber1H, Rapier1H, Scimitar1H, Twinblade, WarAxe, Cleaver1H, Crescent1H, Hatchet, Pickaxe1H, Sickle,

    Warpick1H, Woodaxe1H, Mace1H, Boomerang, Club1H, FishingPole, Hammer, Quarterstaff, Whip, Glaive,

    Halberd, Warscythe, Lance1H, Pike, Trident, Greatsword, MassiveSword, Lightsaber2H, Rapier2H, Nodachi,

    Saber2H, Lance2H, Scimitar2H, Battleaxe, Cleaver2H, Crescent2H, Pickaxe2H, Scythe, Warpick2H, Woodaxe2H,

    Warhammer, Bladestaff, Club2H, Mace2H, Spear, Bow, Greatbow, Sho...

  • I4 Shout Icons Overhaul - Icon Preview

    I4 Shout Icons Overhaul

    Icons included in I4 Shout Icons Overhaul as of v1.1:






    x, Animal, Life, Loyal, Fade, Earth, Hero, Sky, Wind, Weapon,

    Fear, Strength, Mortal, Stamina, Air, Fire, Frost, Ice, Kyne, Kill,

    Mirror, Time, Undead, Essence, Storm, Curse, Voice, Force, Whirlwind, Snow



  • The Great War

    This mod changes civil war character to thalmor, stormcloaks are now thalmor. Imperial havent change, New game may be require for the armor to take effect. Takes time to make hopefully it works, also will only affects civil war stormcloak npc to change. Officer wears glass armor full set, standard solders wear a mix of gilded elven are or regular elven armor.Showcase:


    START of Test:
    Step 1. Start a new game using Arthmoor's alternate start mod.
    Step 2. Choose the "I'm camping in the woods" option.
    Step 3. Configure your mods via the MCM menu
    Step 4. Start Ultimate Deadly Encounters.  Wait 4 minutes
    Step 5. Save and exit the game to the desktop.
    Step 6. Load the game and walk/run from the camp site to Riverwood.
    Walk/run in more or less a straight line. Fight any bandits/wolves
    if you want to.
    Step 7. Talk to Alvor in Riverwood and start the main quest.
    Step 8. Walk/run from Riverwood to Whiterun Stables.
    Step 9. At Whiterun stables, hire the carriage to Solitude.
    Step 10. Go slightly to Katla's farm until it is discovered.
    Step 11. Wait 11 hours until ...

  • This is officially the newest edition of Emperor Emil

    He has new weapons and fighting style. New better stats. More helpful....

  • A fun deal with new Bosses

    This quest took a really long time to make and it was a great deal of fun to make aswell! I would love feedback and ideas for future quests! ...