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This mod contains new background images + layouts for Soulsy HUD.

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Formerly called "Untarnished Soulsy HUD".
The original mod was only to give better visuals for Untarnished UI users, but it now also includes a completely custom layout! :)

These are my personal edits of the Soulsy HUD background images and layout.

There are 3 different versions + a new optional font replacement to fit better with Elden Ring Font!

  • Elden Rim Style + New Layout
  • Untarnished Style + Compact Layout
  • Untarnished Style + OG Layout


  • Versions without .toml's are provided (Untarnished Style) so you can keep using other placement configs and only use the backgrounds
  • Compatible with custom icon packs (e. g. Soulsy HUD icon pack)
  • Compatible with any other User Interface overhaul (e. g. Nordic UI)

If you don't like any part of the layouts, you can simply change the values in the SoulsyHUD_layout.toml found in the .../SKSE/plugins folder of your installed version. ceejbot has implemented the wonderful feature of being able to refresh the layout ingame, so you can tweak it in real time!
For example, if the Elden Rim Style is too small for you, just change the global_scale value (found in line 6) to something bigger (e. g. global_scale = 1.20).

Other UI mods used in the screenshots:

If you're looking for something even more soulsy: Soulsy Style Preset

A FOMOD installer is provided including installation instructions.
I'll try to keep it updated to the newest Soulsy HUD version.

Please let me know if there are problems, especially when new Soulsy HUD versions release, I'll try to fix them asap.

Elden Rim Style + Layout inspired by FromSoftware's Elden Ring.

Please endorse the original mods and this one if you like it!