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A parallax solitude retexture with a unique interior and style.Available in 1~4k resolution options.

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= Introduction =
I just went into this retexture with this idea of making solitude more like the capital.
Also allows for architectural diversity.
So in many places I replaced the unique decals.
I used clockwork meshes to replace the blue palace and college interiors to make these two areas extremely luxurious.
Although the exterior is still a bit shabby, the interior is not.
Why college,because the college is most artistic and close to the blue palace and I think the architecture looks good.
Just modified part of the internal model, external model textures modified part.
So it matches with other external overhauls.

If you don't like the luxury interior just uncheck the esp.

Mod order =

 JK's Blue Palace. esp
JK's The Bards College.esp
 BluePalace Terrace esp 
Lux - JK's Blue Palace patch.esp
Lux - JK's Bards College patch.esp
Mrf solitude. esp
 Mrf's- Blue Palace Terrace patch. esp
 Mrf's-JK's Blue Palace patch. esp
Mrf - Lux patch.esp
Mrf-Lux-JK blue palace patch. esp 

It is recommended to install other mod before installing this mod

Feedback suggestions =

Some of the postings I don't think are done properly, you can point them out and I will update them.
Please give me a post if there are any problems so I can update it.
I have a lot of time to learn at the moment so I don't have that much time to test.

So this solitude retexture I did off and on for a month.

Thanks =
Thanks to leontristain's Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace - JK's Blue Palace - Patch for this excellent patch.
Thanks to   ra2phoenix for helping me clean up the esp file for Mrf's solitude Mrf's-BPT patch.
Thanks to Viole1369  for helping me ma Mrf - Lux patch.esp patch sample.
Thanks to GGUNIT 
Answer my questions about xml production.
Thanks to  dionisiy300Drenginskyfall515antistar,SetteLisette for letting me use their meshes resources.
Thanks to those who gave me advice and helped me with my tests.
Thank you to those who gave me feedback.