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Clears hostility that remains even after you pay bounty or kill witnesses. Works on vanilla holds only.

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Skyrim mod fixes bug that causes guards to randomly attack innocent players

  • Sometimes guards and citizens remain hostile to the player even if the player has 0 bounty. I think they will eventually calm down.
  • This mod attempts to remove hostility when you have 0 bounty for the relevant crime factions.
  • This mod works only for vanilla holds and Ravenrock.
  • Fix is applied on location change. So if you encounter this, you can run away across a load door and travel back.
  • Doesn't apply to factions without a bounty system, such as Telvanni or Thieves Guild.
  • Allows you to go to jail.
  • To enable this for mod-added crime factions, add the new crime fractions to the form list in the esp.
  • This bug is very hard to reproduce. Please let me know if it works for all occurrences involving the vanilla holds.
  • ESL

  • Whenever. Doesn't matter.

(This mod doesn't make your Skyrim 4K ultra HD nor does it enable ray-tracing)