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An unconventional take on scythe and whip, consist of daisy-chained floating fragments. Available in physical and bound variants of seven different magic attributes.

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Thanks to YoungEmmaWatson - Fettered Fragments is now available on Xbox!
(explicit permission has been provided to author of Xbox port - effective for both original and forge crafting version)

To own and wield - collect pieces of broken weapons and channel your proficiency in arcane smithing to perform alchemy from your makeshift cauldron.

Fettered Fragments puts several broken weapon pieces left largely unused by vanilla game into miscellaneous loot and merchant's stock,
they're necessary to craft these weapon, so seek them out!
Better to upcycle than breaking perfectly fine weapon for scraps, and nobody got time to forge them from raw material, isn't it? ✰

Once you have learnt Arcane Smithing perk, crafting recipes will become accessible from a cooking pot.
Scythes will requires large fragments, and small ones for the Whips. 
Combination of various broken weapon pieces will create physical scythe or whip, they're enchantable and temperable.
Adding certain item normally reserved for arcane art to the mix will produce a spell tome, which grant you the spell needed to cast magic variants.

Scythes has slightly shorter-than-average reach, Whips can extends up to nearly two-times further than the reach of a normal sword.

Magic Attributes

These bound variants has unique impact effects, deals pure magic damage, 
each will either be highly effective against certain foes, or ineffective if your target is resistance or immune to the same attribute.

While wielding these bound weapons you can block or parry/deflect incoming strike as you normally could do with regular weapon,
but bashing will be regarded as shoving and won't inflict any damage.

Casting and dealing damage with bound variant will provides skill experience of relevant magic school relate to its attribute.

Carmine imbibes blood to wielder from the living and living only. Has no effect on automaton.

Ember burns target.

Mending absorbs Health for wielder from undead and summoned entity, harmless to the living and automaton.

Sleet freezes and wears down target. 

Discharge tases and depletes target's Magicka.

Spectral inflicts inert magic damage and capable of soul trapping target on execution.

Verdure poisons target into frenzied state while slowly corroding their Health.

Your graphical setup (most notably ENB) plays a big role in defining actual visual of these weapons in your game, from colors to visibility under various environments and lighting.
Below are comparison shots during ENB on & off.

Also it's worth noting that character animations will affects how the segments of these weapons behaves.
Exaggerated movements can causes segment(s) to moves in opposite direction instead of following one another in chain. They seem to like "prioritizing shortest path' back to "resting" position, and I don't have much control over this.