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Adds over 150 new foods featured in Elder Scrolls Online complete with new meshes/textures and recipes.

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Google's ESO Provisioning


This mod adds foods from The Elder Scrolls Online into the world of Skyrim. Currently adds over 150 craftable new foods (most of the FINESUPERIOR, and EPIC tier foods) to Skyrim ranging from fruits and vegetables to soups and stews to new meats and breads. All lore-friendly! 

As of 2.0.0 this mod now requires Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul. 2.0.0 is only safe to update mid save if you were already using the CACO version.

Only the base ingredients can be found in leveled lists. However, from 2.0.0 on all food items can be found seamlessly in the game world by utilizing Base Object Swapper. Wherever vanilla food can be found, there is a chance it will be replaced by relevant foods from ESO. 

Here are some examples:
  • Skyrim foods have a chance of being replaced by foods from ESO, with the chance varying depending on how exotic the food is
  • Dunmer foods in Solstheim have a better chance of being replaced by other Dunmer foods from ESO
  • The swaps are dependent on the type food being replaced; e.g. soups are replaced with other soups, breads with other breads, and so on.
  • Base game vegetables and fruits also have a chance of being replaced by ESO fruits and vegetables along with CACO fruits and vegetables.

In addition, 2.0.0 also brings built in support for Constructible Object Custom Keyword System and Inventory Interface Information Injector.

The new foods add buffs based on their counterparts in ESO. For example, meats fortify health, vegetables fortify stamina, and fruits fortify magicka. All buffs last 3600 seconds, with magnitudes ranging from 5 to 30 points depending on how difficult the item is to craft. 

My previous mod Google's New Fruits and Vegetables has been merged into this mod.

I recommend using a bashed, smashed, or merged patch if you have other mods that edit the food and food barrel leveled lists. 

Foods taken from 


Bethesda for making such an awesome game.
aviform for Mealtime

stroti for Strotis new food
Borgiak for updating Stroti's meshes in BRG The Gourmet
bfadragon for Resource extra food v2
jaderoyale for Sate That Appetite
Wolferoo for Cooking Recipes Pack
Nernie for Nernies City and Village Expansion
Oaristys for Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension
jukkz for Jas Better Food
InsanitySorrow for Insanity's Food Stuffs
quilb for Retexture for Soup
UNI00SL for Cooking Ingredients
void_gazer for Cooking Expanded
Merilia for Babettes Feast - Improved Cooking
Koxae for Bon Appetit
PraedythXVI for Fruits and Veggies
livtempleton for Forager Food

mindboggles for Immersive Organic Eco Logistic Solutions