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Adds and integrates Katanas to Skyrim using the models from Katana Crafting.

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Katana's of Skyrim

Katana Crafting by lautasantenni is a pretty cool mod, but it lacks a key component, which is proper integration. So I decided to go ahead and make a mod to do just that. This mod only integrates the "Katana" weapons from Katana Crafting as I felt the Dai-Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto were too bloat-y and didn't fit well with my vision.


- Saints and Seducers (free with the most recent versions of Skyrim)
- Thaumaturgy - An Enchanting Overhaul, no I will not make a version that does not require Thaumaturgy. There are not any other good Enchanting mods anyways.


  • Katanas count as War Axes for sake of perks.
  • Katanas deal 1 less damage and weigh 1 less than their sword counterparts.
  • Katanas cost 20% more than their sword counterparts (on par with War Axes).
  • Katanas have a speed of 1.1 (swords have a base speed of 1.0).
  • This mod makes a few Cell edits in order to place katanas into the world. Check the spoiler below for more information.


- Resurgence Armory - Stalhrim Weapons and Armor Overhaul, this patch technically works for the regular version of Katana Crafting too.
- Lawless - A Bandit Overhaul, the patch is done to be as least intrusive as possible, and as such, the number of bandits using Katanas is unlikely to be high.
- Consistency patch for Creation Club - Adjustments Rebalancing and Variants, changes the recipe requirements and stats of the Golden, Dark, Amber, and Madness Katanas to be in line with their variants in this mod. Does not require the mod.


Q. Why does this require Thaumaturgy?
A. Because it's the only good enchanting mod and I used it as a base to create the enchanted sublists.

Q. Why does this require Saints and Seducers?
A. It's 2023 and Saints and Seducers has been part of the free Anniversary Edition update for almost 2 years now, it's time to move on.

Q. What does the thumbnail say?
A. lol.


lautasantenni for the original Katana Crafting mod.
SimonMagus616 for the Katanas as War Axe idea.