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A BHUNP V4 conversion for Xtudo's Drifter Armor and Outfit mod. Comes with sensible physics for both closed, open and outfit variants.

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Drifter Armor and Outfit - My version
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
BHUNP (Latest version)

1. Download the file and install using a mod manager.
2. Open BodySlide. Then either search by group with the name '[BHUNP] Drifter Outfit & Armor by Xtudo' in group filter OR 'Drifter' in outfit filter.
3. Select your preset OR if using OBody or similar select the zeroed slider preset at the bottom. At the bottom right check 'Build Morphs' and then batch build.
4. Wait until done then close. Finished

Report any bugs in the comments and thanks for using


Hesif's 3BA conversion which I converted to BHUNP V4
Randall (Fixed seams and corrected arm-shoulder weights)
Imogen (Screenarcher and tester)
Hedgehog (Screenarcher and tester) 
OddPillow4 (tester)

(As listed on 3BA version) 

Xtudo for Drifter Armor and Outfit - My version

(As listed on mod page)
Base armor mod - juhaaaa
Grandmaster Wolven Armor - fxckthisworld
Deze Clothing Set - ralfetas
Dwarven Bikini Armor - nisetanaka
Stormlord Armor - gechbal
Hedge Mage Armor - Elleh
Leather boots - NordWarUA
Practical Pirate Outfit - QuarantineCouture
Steel Bikini Armor - nisetanaka