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  • Troubleshooting

    Scoped Bows SE
    This is an Extension to the "Compatibility and Issues" section in the description. I highly recommend to read the description.


    When starting the game (right after the bethesda logo):
    Crashes like that happen if you are missing a masterfile. This happens either after installing a mod that depends on official DLC's or other mods that you don't have, or if you messed up your loadorder (masterfiles always need to be above the mods depending on them! ).

    Fix: Get SSEEdit and follow the instructions in this video: Skyrim Crash on Startup FIX. Use Loot to optimize your loadorder.
    (Gopher is using "TES5Edit" and Skyrim 2011 in the video. Don't worry, the process is the same with "SSEEdit" an...

  • Scoped Bows SE 1.2

    Scoped Bows SE 1.2

    .)Nightingale Bow completely redone (proportions and textures are much better / sound detection level set to silent / enchantment shader effects disabled)

    .)unique textures for the "Bow of the Hunt"

    .)unique textures for "Dravins bow"

    .)some guys of the Redoran Guard will now use scoped elven bows

    .)spawn level of Scoped -Hunting, -Imperial and -Forsworn bows set to level 3+ (instead of level 6+ or level 1+ )

    .)Derkeethus is now using a scoped falmer bow

    .)the installer intro now reads: "Remastered for Skyrim Special Edition" instead of "Now for..."

    .)Elemental Arrows Patch -Steam Arrows tweaked...

  • Scoped Bows SE 1.1

    Scoped Bows SE 1.1


    -All meshes converted to SSE

    -All esp's converted to SSE (opend and saved with creation kit)

    -All Npc records redone to be sure scoped bows doesn't cause the infamous black face bug

    -Scoped Hunting Bow to Derkeethus inventory added

    -Noble Scoped Hunting Bow to Faendal's inventory added

    -Bug fixed that made dragon language letters of learned shouts appear as normal letters mixed with numbers when using the Stealth Meter Tweak

    -Replacer brought to SSE

    -Elemental Arrows Patch brought to SSE...

  • Scoped Bows Special Edition

    Scoped Bows SE

    Changes compared to the the original Scoped Bows mod:

    Many errors Fixed using SSEEdit.
    Apparently not all esp's made for Skyrim are fully compatible with Skyrim Special Edition. Scoped Bows is now compatible and fixed!

    All remaining duplicate vertices removed and tangent spaces updated using good ol' NifSkope.
    Unlike in the original Skyrim tiny "errors" like that are now causing visual errors in game (for example meshes that appear completely black). Luckily i had already fixed most of those errors in the old release. But it still took me ~5 hours of tedious work to fix this.

    DLC options removed and Picture resolution increased (1080p).