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This mod changes the enchantment effect of the Vampire Sword (Royal version) to look more like it does in HoMM V

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By using the animated enchantment effects provided by VAE2, I have made the Vampire Royal Sword look more like it does in Heroes of Might and Magic V, with the green effects around the sword. Also, the sword has been renamed Vampire Lord Sword to better fit with HoMM V. Additionaly, the swords from the original mod were not given to neither Nightmaster nor Nightlord Vampires (from Dawnguard), even though they were given to most other types of vampire bosses, but that has been fixed. Another small change has been made to the regular version of the sword. THe regualr version of the sword still has the Absorb Health enchantment, but does not have a visual enchanment effect (this is again to bring it more closely to how it looks in HoMM V).

Additional Patches include
  • Seranaholic ´╗┐(replaces seranas default Elven Dagger with the Vampire Lord Sword)
  • Harkon sword replacer (Identical to Vampire Lord Sword visually, but keeps the unique enchantment of Harkons Sword)
  • Legacy of the Dragonborn´╗┐ (Replaces the Replica version of harkons sword the model of this sword)
  • Serana Re-Imagined (replaces seranas default Elven Dagger with the Vampire Lord Sword)´╗┐

I hope you enjoy!

Best Regards


This is my first mod I have made for Skyrim. I will be glad to receive any and all feedback. It will be much appreciated.

Fixed an issue where the model that was used for Harkons sword, while hanging on the LotD display, would revert back to the default model