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A vanilla-style nordic dungeon in Hjaalmarch, based on its appearance in the Elder Scrolls Online, featuring a voiced quest.

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"We avoid the barrow outside Morthal. It's haunted, don't you know? The jarl even makes us patrol the area on a regular basis because the ancient dead have a habit of getting up and walking around. Very uncalled for, but things like that happen. That's why we're always prepared."  - Swordthane Enyra


Morthal Barrow is an ancient Nord dwelling that once served as Morthal‘s Hall of the Dead but has been abandoned for centuries, with tales of hauntings and unnatural creatures roaming the Barrow spreading across Hjaalmarch. Some scholars speculate that Morthal Barrow is actually a much larger structure than it would appear from the outside and that eons ago, it was built and inhabited by followers of Jhunal, the ancient Nordic Rune God. 

Mod Info

Morthal Barrow is a lore-friendly dungeon mod, intended to feel like vanilla content, and is based on its appearance in the The Elder Scrolls Online. It can be found close to the town of Morthal, turning the already existing unmarked ruin (named "Black Arts Ritual Site") into a fully-fledged dungeon. 

The mod features a short (voiced) quest harkening back to the Greymoor Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online and its "Dark Heart of Skyrim" storyline. 

Furthermore, the mod features new enemy types, a new spell, three new artefacts with unique enchantments and two unique scripted boss fights. 

After completing the quest, the dungeon will go through some dynamic changes (especially regarding the enemies spawning inside) and serve as a "regular" radiant quest enabled Nordic crypt. You might want to install Encounter Zones Unlocked, otherwise enemies will always remain at the level when you first visited the dungeon.

The mod is safe to install on old/existing saves. 

Recommended minimum level: 10+ 


Since the mod only makes some minor worldspace edits (entrance to the dungeon) it should be compatible with almost everything. Let me know if you find any incompatibilities, patching those shouldn't be an issue. 

  • There's a slight incompatibility with The Elder Scrolls Online Imports, which makes some changes to the same exterior location. The entrance is still accessible but there's some clipping and gaps. A patch in ESL format is provided in the FOMOD, place it after ESOimports.esp and MorthalBarrow.esp in your load order. 
  • Lux also comes with a patch for Morthal Barrow, just check the box in Lux‘s FOMOD installer. 
  • Atlas Map Markers adds a map marker to the vanilla location, resulting in overlapping map markers. Check the optional files for a patch (ESL format) to fix this. 


Hints/Walkthrough (spoilers):

The quest is started after finding a journal inside Morthal Barrow.

How to enter Morthal Crypt / find the hidden artefacts:
After starting the Quest "No Rest for the Wicked" you need to visit Falion, he will sell you a spell called "Dispel Illusion" which you can use on certain objects/walls to make hidden entrances appear. Illusions are easy to spot, they glow blue and give off a chiming noise.

How to destroy/get past the barrier:
You need to cast a sun spell such as Sun Fire or Vampire's Bane on the barrier. You can find a spell tome for Sun Fire behind an illusion spell in the first big room with the waterfall. (the satchel next to the skeleton where you find the journal)

Where to find the hidden entrances (map): 

Xoleras for their Combat Teleport Script. 
Sarthes Arai for letting me use/modify a script from his mod Balamath.
Qwibquibmods for letting me use the magic lantern assets from his mod Simple Wearable Lanterns.
SleezyWiezy for creating the custom Witch Pike model.
SheeEttin for the Morthal banner, taken from the mod Immersive HD Banners
paiinfulDieselwolf for SIGMAtesting