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An Ayleid Ruin dungeon using Bethesda's tileset.

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Mages from the Blackcaster Mages Guild of Elinhir have started an expedition into the ruins of the aylied city of Balamath. Attacked by iron orcs, they are now trapped in the ruins, and have dug their way back up to Skyrim, where they are starting to cause trouble. Delve into the ancient ruins of a long abandoned city, battle both its new and old occupants, and discover magical secrets!

Balamath is a three zone dungeon featuring the ayleid ruin tileset used in the The Cause creation, added to Skyrim's data files by Bethesda for free use in mods. It requires the plugins and assets from update 1.6 (sometires refered to as "Anniversary Edition"). Ownership of any Creation Club content is not required, but an optional patch file is provided for an improved experience. Alternatively, there is also a patch that adds in Aylied Pelinagas (along with some additional items) from Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. For those that prefer a less linear and more labyrinthine experience, a non-linear patch exists.
All patches are available through a FOMOD installer.


Version 1.3

 - Fixed issue that could prevent Apotheosis from working.
 - There's no longer a Blackcaster standing around at Bleakwind Basin; Instead, they'll patrol the roads of Falkreath Hold like they're supposed to.

Version 1.2

 - Fixed issue where high-level one-handed Wights would not wield any weapons with the CC Patch

Version 1.1

 - Released non-linear patch
 - Fixed issue where Iron Orcish Arrows would be invisible
 - Packed the whole mod into a FOMOD installer

Version 1.0

 - Initial Release