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Interact with friendly and enemy NPCs from afar, with different animations and results based on context and distance.

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Remote Interactions
-Interact with NPCs at a distance-

- Your Dragonborn, probably


- Ability/Hotkey that enables interacting with NPCs at a distance.
- Plug and play, compatible with everything, ESL-flagged, no crazy requirements.
- No extra menus, no search bars, all very UX friendly and in vanilla style.
- Different interactions based on context and type of actor you're interacting with.
- Distance and line of sight also play a factor in the type of interactions you can have.
- Animated (without the need for Nemesis/DAR).
- Very performance friendly (script runs for a second only when you use the ability, does nothing afterwards)
- Configurable via MCM.


Types of Remote Interactions: 

*Friendly remote interactions*
- Shout for an NPC name (if you can't find them).
- Ask a nearby NPC to come to you. (Different outcomes based on distance).
- Have a conversation with an NPC at a reasonable distance (Perfect for giving orders to followers from afar, talking to unreachable NPCs while sitting, having a conversation while on horse, etc.).

*Enemy remote interactions*
- Taunt your enemies during combat.
- Surrender to guards (even when sheating your weapon no longer works).
- Intimidate enemies into fleeing away.
- Provoke your enemies into entering combat.

- Taunt your enemies
Note:  Taunt Your Enemies is required, but its requirement (Dynamic Animation Casting) is optional.

MCM options:
- You can set a hotkey and hide the ability from your spell list, to keep it all tidy.
- The MCM reuses the MCM of Taunt Your Enemies, so the options can be found there. Mod has only 2 options so why create another MCM.

- Should work with everything, no patches needed.

〜Andrew, Ares, Barry, Connor, Eric, Jamie, K0mp1ex,
Macpherb, Nightfallstorm, Panda, Sir Trooper, Weijie〜

& everyone who is supporting me on Patreon or via other means
Thank you! Your support means a lot!


- ESL flagged? Safe to install mid-game?
Yes, both this mod and Taunt Your Enemies are both flagged ESL and safe to install mid-game.

- What sort of sorcery is this? I can talk to my follower from more than a meter away!
Yes, welcome to the future. Enjoy your immersion!

- Is this mod script intensive? Think of my poor saves!
Mod only ever runs when you use the ability, and only for a second and then stops.

- This mod comes with animations... Do I need Nemesis or DAR?
No, Remote Interactions doesn't use those mods. No need to re-run Nemesis either.

- Can I surrender to bandits?
You can only surrender to guards. Bandits just want your head. :(

- Is this going to clutter my spell list?
No, this mod adds only one ability. You can hide this ability by going to the MCM and selecting a hotkey to use instead.

- Help! I can't find the MCM!
The mod reuses the MCM of Taunt Your Enemies, since it has only 2 options and I hate MCM clutter.

- Help! In the MCM I can only see options for Taunt Your Enemies, but nothing for this mod!
That means this mod is not overwriting the files from the requirement. Make sure the files from this mod overwrite the files from TYE.

- I don't like "Taunt Your Enemies", can I skip it?
Remote Interactions hatches onto the Taunt Your Enemies system for animations, sounds and the MCM, so it's needed for this mod to function. If you don't like that taunting gives you a couple of seconds of extra damage, you could change this number or the duration to your liking (or not use taunts), but trust me, it's quite balanced as it is. You can barely get one hit in.

- Are you using a cloak ability for this? I hate cloak abilities!
No cloak abilities. For the more technical of you or people that want to learn modding: Mod works via a hidden quest with a series of aliases. The quest restarts when you run the ability, filling the aliases based on distance, line of sight and keywords. This is all done via native engine conditions. Then I use the dialogue system to "call" those aliases. This avoids having to use cluttersome new menus that take you out of the game. Kudos to DeltaRider for giving me the inspiration to use the dialogue system for this.

- How does the "intimidate system" work?
You can intimidate an enemy into fleeing before or during combat. This uses the vanilla intimidate system (influenced by your level, the enemy level and your speechcraft) and applies an "invisible" fear spell on the enemy NPC if successful. While fleeing, the NPC won't attack you as long as you don't attack them first. This system is somewhat limited on purpose both in terms of balance and immersion. (Not everyone will be willing to run away from you, but it will become more likely the stronger you get).

- Do the intimidations from this mod give me speechcraft XP?
No, although it uses the same system, the vanilla game doesn't expect you to be able to intimidate hundreds of enemies at will, so for balancing purposes these options won't give you XP. 

- Can I use the "find an NPC" system to spy for enemies in a given room?
No, you can only interact with enemies that you can see.

- Can I finally holler at Jarl Ballin? He be ballin! 
Well... unfortunately not. Certain NPCs are exempt from the "holler system", as it doesn't make sense Balgruuf would go to you. Woman, he's the Jarl of Whiterun and lord of the ringsSwag.

- I have an idea for a remote interaction or something I think the mod could benefit from!
I'm always open to ideas. Give the mod a try, get familiar with it, and if you think something is missing, let me know :)


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