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Massive overhaul of Skyrim's glacier parts of the map.

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FrozenLands is a massive region overhaul mod that makes the landscape and surroundings much more rough, claustrophobic and interesting to explore.

Originally this mod was in early stages as I was learning how CK till it eventually sat abandoned. However I've been working towards remastering the original mod and making a great load of changes, improvements, polishing and bringing much better stability.

It's far bigger, far more stable, and rougher than ever before !


Terrain now has a lot more objects and clutter.

There's hundreds of placed new objects. Hundreds of altered original objects in their placements and size.

The glaciers are now much bigger everywhere.

Many fixes to navmeshes and objects. Reduced IceFloes clipping.

Covers wide regions of Skyrim such as: Northern/Eastern sides of the map and the oceans.

Retextured landscape with more snowy coasts

Removed the neon blue colored snow.

Narrow passages and fantasy style ice placements.

More mountains and rocks.

The terrain has been renavmeshed for the affected areas.

No ITMs or undeleted references.


As this is a landscape mod, you WILL need to run DynDoLOD to update all object placements.

Not as equally important but xLOD would also be very good to update as a number of areas do have changes in terrain.

Icy Mesh Remaster is important too. While it's not a dependency, you should install it when using this. It will solve many problems with meshes, especially in collisions and terrain/object blending.
Use only
IcyFixesLite with this !


This mod will most likely not offer any compatibility to other mods. 

However if you know your way around CK, it would be an incredible help having a patch made with your favorite mods.

If you have a request for a patch to be made, suggest it, I'll consider it but no promises.

Currently compatible mods list:

Land Navigation / AI

As this mod adds so many objects and works between water and land, it is incredibly difficult to create a proper navmeshed landscape where AI can navigate properly. This mod will make it harder in some places and impossible in other places for the AI to navigate. You will experience your followers teleporting across various areas and they will act as stupid as before.